September 30, 2005


Jesse, I had to wear my footed pajamas tonight, just so I could take this picture and take away your one up-ence. Sorry.. it had to be done.

In other news... What heck was Smaxwell doing last night? I mean, I know I was attending a surprise birthday outing for DS. But Smaxwell?? I have no idea. I found him like this when I got home, no lies.

my hands are cold

For the most part, as I've mentioned before, I vastly prefer cold weather to warm. However, let me bring to light the two aspects of cold weather that I do NOT enjoy.

  1. Getting out of the shower
  2. Using the bathroom

Being cold is only a good thing when I have on all my warm clothes, or am under three blankets. Or in front of a fireplace. Or in my windproof, water proof, sent from heaven coat.

It's currently 44F. Though it's still 67F in the apartment, I have the chills. I'm not looking forward to showering this morning....

I liked this so much, I decided to post it all by itself. Mr. Yak, you are too kind.

Postcard from Paris

I received the following note from Janelle the other day, which I will share with you all since she's been MIA for some time...

Bonjour Sleep Goblin!

Paris is wonderful - I'm sure you would've hated DS going without you! It's so romantic! I miss the blogsphere but am enjoying France none-the-less!


So there you go, friends of Janelle. An update of sorts from her :)

September 29, 2005


Last night brought a sudden drop in the temperature to a somewhat chilly 37F. It was an occasion that required my favorite pajamas. Penguins are awesome!

September 27, 2005

New Things

I got new climbing shoes! Now, you may be asking, "Why did you need new climbing shoes when you've only used your first pair about 10 times?" Additionally, you may be wondering, "Was it really worth it to spend $120 on climbing shoes?"

Well, let me answer these questions for you. Yes, I did indeed need new climbing shoes. I blame this fact on DS, who insisted that anything larger than the size that hurt, was too big. Granted, climbing shoes are meant to fit tight. You're supposed to buy them smaller than shoes you normally wear. However, you're not supposed to get them so tight that you can't stand up in them. "They'll stretch" I was told. "Just break them in." Yeah well, what happened was I quit climbing, much to the dismay of DS, who'd just paid my yearly membership at the climbing gym.

So, I bought new ones, and I bought ones that are both good and fit. Did it help? I've already climbed twice this week, and I cleaned my first 5.9 today. I feel awesome!

I also bought a new fish, whom we're calling Phineas 2, or Ph2 for short. He's lived for a little over 48 hours after bringing home, which is more than I can say for Phineas 1. The little bastard. This one is still eagerly eating, and swimming excitedly around the bowl. Isn't he pretty?

Loot at that! It's taken me half an hour to write out this post. But that's okay, because I was distracted by Dr. House, who's a total hottie.

P.S. Tomorrow is DS's birthday! yea!

For Monkey

I found this giant banana running around at the Good Neighbor Festival Parade!

Hope your birthday was awesome!

September 25, 2005


Summer has been lingering much longer than I'd like. Actually, I don' t like summer at all, so any amount of time is too long.

However, two days ago, the temperature dropped in the 60's overnight, and the next day brought only the lower 70's. With it came the rain. To me, this is just dandy. I love rain. This batch actually started with a series of thunderstorms, which is even better. I should have been a storm chaser...

This is my favorite time of year. The temperatures are perfect for all my hottest looking clothing. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, and hot apple butter... man, what's not to love? I can't wait for the leaves to start changing. And then there's Halloween, followed in what feels like quick succession by Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's. Oh yes, I'm so happy right now. I've hung my banner to celebrate.

Update: The rain just turned once again into a storm. The rain gods love me :)

Strongbad, I've Failed You

It was recently brought to my attention that an Outkast song entitled "So Fresh, So Clean" was the inspiration for the comments made in Strongbad e-mail #20. Also known as Spring Cleaning.

How did I miss this??? Is it because I'm not really an Outkast fan? I mean, I don't own any of their albums. I only know the words to the chorus of their most popular songs. I can distinguish both Big Boi and Andre 3000 away from Outkast related situations, which is more than I can say for most Rap/Hip Hop/R&B artists. I'm not sure that gets me many "fan" points though.

I'm less worried about my failure to recognize the source of Strongbad's humor while watching the e-mail, than I am about not recognizing the lyrics as being in the e-mail while DS was playing the CD in the car. There I was, singing along, bouncing in my seat, my head swinging in that spastic way that Red's does from Fraggle Rock... Did I notice? No, I did not.

Despite my proclamations of being their biggest fan, despite owning a The Cheat messenger bag, all the plastic figurines, all the patches, and a keychain, despite having seen every e-mail at least twice and some much more.. despite all of this, the truth has come out. I can't even recognize a Strongbad e-mail when I hear one...

Alright, let's not be too hard. If the line had come from this one, this one, this one, this one or even this one, I would totally be in on that joke.

Okay okay, you're right. I am a fan. Just maybe not the best... So go watch those e-mails!

p.s. Don't forget the easter eggs.

September 24, 2005

Cute Animal Quiz (from Frog)

You Are A: Kitten!

kitty catCute as can be, kittens are playful, mischevious, and ever-curious. Your mischevious side is part of what makes you a kittenKittens are often loving, but are known to scratch or bite when annoyed. These adorable animals are the most popular pets in the United States--37% of American households have at least one cat. Whether it is your gentle purr or your disarming appearance, you make a wonderful kitten.

You were almost a: Puppy or a Monkey
You are least like a: Groundhog or a ChipmunkWhat Cute Animal Are You?

September 23, 2005

Yes Hi, I'm your boss now.

Guess who got another promotion today?! Yeah, that's right, I did! Because I am awesome.

I am now the Assistant Manager, and I've only worked there for a month. I got a $.65 raise, making my raises thus far a grand $2.15. I warned them if they kept this up, I would be CEO soon. They thought that was funny, and then seriously told me that the two people left above me in the store are both trying to go elsewhere. The store manager wants to be transferred to California. The senior assistant manager wants to pursue a career in social work, and is actively seeking a new job. If either of them do go on to better things, I'll get promoted again. This store is nutso.

So now, I have this girl that got hired the same day as me. We'll call her Idiot. Idiot is not a very good worker. She means well, but she has never worked before. Well, she says that she had a job at a restaurant for about a week once. This does not count. She's too shy to talk to customers, our registers keep coming up wrong, and it takes her four hours to do what anyone else can do in one. Apparently, she was upset that I got promoted the first time. We haven't told her that the girl we hired last week just took my old job. Idiot is going to be pissed... and also, her hours are getting cut, because a girl is coming back from maternity leave. Will she quit and save us the hassle? Or will we fire her because her 90 days aren't up and we can for no reason at all? All I know is, I'm tired of doing all my work and hers too...

Alright, so to recap. I am awesome, and I get a lot of raises and promotions because of it.

And proud of it!

Outcast Genius
69 % Nerd, 56% Geek, 65% Dork
For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.

A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in all three, earning you the title of: Outcast Genius.

Outcast geniuses usually are bright enough to understand what society
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friends combined in that subject).

Outcast geniuses can be very lonely, due to their being
outcast from most normal groups and too smart for the room among many
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eventually rule the world, ala Bill Gates, the prototypical Outcast


Thanks Again! -- THE NERD? GEEK? OR DORK? TEST

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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Link: The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test written by donathos on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Can you tell I'm not sleeping?

About two weeks ago I edited my profile. When I did this, I decided I would post my aim screenname. None of you have exploited this fact. I kick you!

An Idea

The popularity of Fritz's doodles has brought to mind an idea that I've had before on a smaller scale. Some of you know that I quill, and that I'll soon be selling my stuff on MT's site (which you all should be frequenting and throwing money at). Some of you also know that I've been taking my sweet time about this.

Due to the popularity of Sleep Goblin, I long ago decided to make him my main thing. MT's site will be the sole seller of anything I make with it. Like this magnet. Now I'm thinking.. maybe I should make quills of other bloggers too.. maybe they'll all want little images of themselves and will buy them! Maybe I'll be rich!

What do you think?

BOBI made me

JessicaPea: why do people love watchign cars and horses go around in circles?
bobifro: I. DON'T. KNOW!
bobifro: It's so hard to even think about
JessicaPea: and why is one considered upper class and the other lower?
bobifro: LOL
bobifro: that's awesome
bobifro: blog that

September 22, 2005

Taking a BOW

The Columnist Manifesto recently made me the Blog of the Week. I have been slow in acknowledging this, due to recent events. However, I coerced DS into making me something that he normally only leaves in little notes for me...
Yeah, that's right, I can cut a rug. So, in honor of the honor bestowed upon me, and also out of pure excitement, I dance.

The Drive

You may or may not know that the drive from my new home in Wisconsin to my old home in Kentucky ranges from 8 to 9 hours, depending on which parent I'm going home to see. That means I drove 16 hours in two days. Taking the drive with DS seems to insure the view of a burning vehicle along the way...

MT has already scolded me for not getting a picture of the actual flames. I assure you, they were impressive. The front 1/2 of the car was completely engulfed, with flames shooting over 15 feet high. The police were letting us pass this, and I rolled down my window to get a better angle. Meanwhile, DS is exclaiming over and over, "I can't believe they're letting us drive around this! What if the flames reach the engine! This car can still explode, I can't believe this!" Of course, he didn't act on his own fears, and refuse to go around. We were "treated" with the karma we deserved for our gawking when, as we were just side by side, something within the cab of the car did indeed explode. I ducked in fright, sure I too would soon be in flames, and missed my photo opportunity.

The rest of the trip was less interesting, and I employed my time by finishing Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I have no sympathy for Willoughby, would have preferred Elinor with Colonel Brandon, and overall much preferred Pride and Prejudice. Not that I wouldn't recommend it to a friend...

I did manage to take some pictures of the windmill farm. It's one of the few sights that break up the constant parade of corn fields along the way. Someone I once worked with had never seen one, and was shocked to hear of their size. And so without further ado, a windmill farm:

The Mass

The mass for my grandmother was this morning. It was much longer than I expected, though I didn't notice until afterwards when I looked at my watch. Being in St. Clements, the church my grandparents have gone to since long before I was born, always makes me feel at once comforted, and awkward (a subject for another post).

I was only slightly amazed at the number of people there. I had no doubt that anyone who had come in contact with my grandmother, known to the world as Ruth, could help but love her. Yet, seeing the entire church filled with her friends still impressed me. I would have loved to have gotten a picture of everyone looking forward, from the back of the church, but as it was my duty to bring the gifts of the communion forward, and as being family put me in the front, I saw no way to politely get back there and do it. I would imagine that most people would find picture taking during a funeral mass to be at least slightly rude.

Afterwards, her last wish was granted, and her ashes were sprinkled in the church garden by her husband, and remaining three children. She spent nearly all of her life at this church. It use to have a school associated with it, and she served 23 years in the cafeteria. She was in the Friendship Club, and the Bereavement Committee. Her and my papaw together took over 80 couples through the church's marriage prep program. It is only fitting that she should stay there now.

In true Catholic fashion, we gathered for a meal afterwards. Everyone had brought something. Having shed enough tears for the day, we ate with laughter. I think it's very important to always celebrate the life of someone, not simply mourn their passing. The lighter mood meant that I could take pictures without as many dirty looks. You can see from this picture of just half of the cafeteria how many people were there. The food was great, and afterwards I sat at the table and talked with my uncle, who lives in Florida. I don't get to see him very much. At least, I did this until someone admonished me for not having noticed the large table full of dessert, and promptly began eating two.

As I have some family in Florida, and some in Indiana, we all found it a good opportunity for a family photo. We aren't the type to have frequent reunions. Though we do gather for Christmas every Christmas Eve. Santa Claus even comes, though most of the out-of-state family does not. Thus, the picture. I'm to the immediate right of my papaw, who's sitting in the chair. DS was welcomed into the family by being told he could be in the picture, and quickly put on probation when he thought he could join in the jokes we share about Papaw's height. He pointed a finger at him and said, "YOU are new! You don't get to do that yet!" DS wisely held his tongue later, when we began teasing Papaw about his crooked pointer finger, and us not knowing who he was pointing to...

Despite the sad reason we gathered, it was nice to see my family again. Many of the people that came I had never met before. We have a family calendar that is "published" every year, and includes a directory in the back complete with pictures and family tree information. While I recognized many of their faces from flipping through it, it was nice to finally have a person to put with the image. All in all, I think it was a good day. I am sure that Mamaw is happy.

September 21, 2005

Spinning Girl, I've got you beat!

I couldn't resist finding out who my own "Daddy" is. I certainly prefer Mr. Depp to Mr. Stewart. Though I find myself torn between the prospect of just a cool dad, and losing my chance at a respectable fling... Tell me Spinning Girl, what should I do?

Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp

What You Call Him: Old Man

Why You Love Him: He gives good spankings

September 19, 2005

Some Clarification

This is just a quick post to clear up a tiny misconception. Mamaw was my grandmother. The first a is pronounced like math, the second like awl. I thought the reference to her and my papaw having been married for nearly 60 years would have been a clue. From the many times MT has had to ask if I mean my mom or my grandmother when I would talk about her, I should have known it wasn't a term used much in the north. Then again, you may not know that I am 24, and my mother is 42. If my mom had died, I might have died with her. I can't even think about losing her yet. But while I am deeply saddened about losing my grandmother, I also know that it was her time, and she's better off this way.

DS and I are going to Kentucky in the morning. It's a long drive, and the mass is Wednesday morning. (My grandparents on both sides are very very Catholic.) Then we'll drive home, because I have to be at work Thursday. Well, the people I work with are amazing, and I'm sure they would have made it possible to stay longer if I needed too. But I had already planned a trip home in the near future, so being there for the mass is enough for me.

Thank you all for thoughts and for caring enough to give your condolences. I'm sure I'll appreciate Spinning Girl's post when I read it, and it means so much to have someone I hardly know draw me a picture. Even people I've never spoken to are coming by with kind words.

Oh, and I've decided to keep the Christmas present I bought her. It was a mug commemorating the world's largest carousel, because she collected the little horses. I'll drink my chocolate milk from it and remember her with a smile.

September 18, 2005

Dear Mamaw,

When my brother called this morning, I thought for sure he was wanting to cry about some girl. I had no idea that girl was you. Shock at your departure set in almost immediately. By the time I stumbled back to my room at 5 this morning, the wall had fallen, and I was bawling. Rob was there in a second, and held me for the 2 hours it took me to fall back to sleep.

At first, I was devastated. I can't imagine life without you. You have always been the rock of this family. And poor Papaw, who has known nothing but you by his side for almost 60 years. What will he do now?

But slowly, I realized you must be happier this way. I know you couldn't even walk from one room to the next without stopping to rest anymore. I know you couldn't even lay down without hurting so much you cried. Surely now you won't hurt. I think it hurt all of us more knowing that we couldn't help you when you cried, then it does to know we'll never see you again.

I'm glad the priest said your ashes could be scattered in the church flower bed like you wanted. They should turn out really pretty next year because of it, and you'll always be home.

I'm so sorry that I wasn't around. I'm sorry I never brought Rob by like I promised. I bought you a Christmas present yesterday. What should I do with it? Even when I didn't call, I was always thinking of you.

Thank you for always being so compassionate. Thank for you showing me how to love baseball. Thank you for the cookbooks. Thank you for making that blankey with me when my baby blanket had to be put away before it disappeared. I still sleep with it every night.

I'm dreading the family calendar, because I know your face will be on it. I don't know how I'll get through Christmas Eve. At least it's not at your house anymore. That will at least make it a little easier.

I miss you so much already. Tell Aunt Sandee "Hi" for me, and let her know I still have my Spanish Doll. To me, you will always be the very definition of love.

All the love I have to give,

September 17, 2005

House on the Rock

Today was the best day ever. Which was a nice recovery from yesterday's disaster. Let me elucidate.

First, I slept until noon. Wow do I feel better.

Second, on our way to the House on the Rock, we stopped at a place called Heck's Market Place. Here we bought a caramel apple, beef jerky, some Indian corn, and fresh apple cider. The all the edibles, including the apple cider, were gone before we got home. We love apple cider.

Third, also on our way to the House on the Rock, I saw Taliesin for the first time. Having studied FLW extensively while obtaining both of my degrees, this was quite a moment for me. I can't wait until we go back and tour it.


And Finally, after a year of anticipation after seeing it on the Travel Channel, I went to the House on the Rock. No words can describe it, so I shall illustrate what I did.

Got directions from a wizard.

Experienced the Infinity Room.

Found some cool art glass.

Looked a giant sea monster in the eye.

Read a St. Louis newspaper.

Failed to capture the majesty of the world's largest carousel..

.. not that I didn't try.

Saw some crazy chandaliers.

Found a dragon brave enough to stalk DS.

And made time to stop and smell the flowers.

Why I Love DS # 67

SG: Hey. Dominoes is free on pogo. Will you play and help me get my badge?

DS: I can't level up my wizard by playing dominoes!

What is this "Tagging" Business?

Monkey tagged me. If even Calzone will participate, I guess I will too.

Seven Things

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1) Read War and Peace
2) Learn Sign Language
3) Clean a 5.10
4) Trave extensively, seeing all the architecture I studied in school and loved
5) Visit all accredited zoos in the USA
6) Run a successful business selling things I make
7) Take Ballet

Seven Things I Can Do
1) Make a delicious batch of cookies
2) Make almost anything with my hands
3) Play Piano
4) Kick ass at Soul Caliber II
5) Sleep for 12 hours straight
6) Win a national title in cheerleading
7) Pick up boyfriends all around the world

Sleep Goblin in Cuba

Seven Things I Cannot Do
1) Maintain the life of a fish for more than 2 days
2) Use anything but the microwave for cooking
3) Stay away from my computer for more than 2 minutes at a time
4) Aerobic exercise
5) Go to sleep, or wake up, before DS
6) Put up with mean people
7) Resist the urge to sing and dance

Seven Things That Attract Me To Another Person
1) Smell
2) Being a huge dork
3) Sense of humor
4) Intelligence
5) Making me food
6) Loving baseball
7) Loving me

Seven Things I Say Most Often
1) I am awesome!
2) I blame DS.
3) Rockin!
4) I'm hungry.
5) I'm tired.
6) I hate you.
7) I love you.

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1) Jude Law
2) Mila Jovavich
3) Johnny Depp
4) Strong Bad
5) Monkey
6) Dr. House
7) Calzone

I'd tag people, but I doubt they'd do it. Though, maybe just for kicks, I'll say Moral Turpitude, Janelle, DS, Dad, and Jesse.

Ahem! And also, Fritz!

September 16, 2005

It's a sad day. Too sad for the pictures I promised. My fish died today...

Busy Bee

I've been very busy lately. Before I had a "9 to 5" job, I started a lot of projects to help me make money. Unfortunately, they require a lot of time, and aren't bring in money yet. It would seem this was poor planning on my part. However, they are endeavors that I find much more rewarding and stimulating than my job, so I'm still doing them.

The first is working with MT to sell my crafts on her site. It shouldn't be too much longer before I have that up and running. That first mobile I sold that I mentioned previously? That's actually from DS's mom. She rocks.

The second is making jewelry for the company Blue Hill by Hand. I get paid per piece, and when I'm done, I know that I've created something that someone will use. I don't design these pieces, but that's probably a good thing, considering how long it takes me to design things. Virgos are perfectionists and very picky.

The other thing taking up my time, other than work of course, are the myriad of birthday's I'm preparing for. Being poor and artistic, I tend to make presents, rather than buy them. However, this usually means that presents from me are late. Just ask Kel, who is still waiting on the poncho I made her for Christmas last year. And now her birthday is the 30th. DS's is the 28th. And my step-dad's was.. yesterday. I finished his present last night though, so I'ma run to the post office before work today to send it off.

My step-dad is the kind of person that won't let us get rid of those handwritten ornaments with our names on them, even when they get water damaged and crusty. Which is something I find funny, since he's not sentamental about anything else really. He is especially adament about keeping the ornaments with former pet names. So, I decided to make him ornaments of their current four dogs, and also of his doberman whom he still misses. I actually wanted MT to make them, because they would have been so cute. But she's just as busy as I am, so being too nice to straight up tell me no, she suggested I make them myself. Well, I tried.

September 14, 2005

Our New Pet

DS and I got our first pet together today on a whim. We haven't come up with a name for him yet, but isn't he pretty? We're taking suggestions.

Also, I sold my first mobile today! Woohoo!

September 12, 2005


I just got the coolest e-card from Janelle! I'll see if this works...

This post is here for a limited time only! So go be happy.

Also, some background. Her birthday was Friday. People born in September seem to love me. And I love them too. My best friend back home.. DS.. now Janelle. We have a certain.. I don't know, glow I guess.

*Update: While the link did work.. I realized after the fact that it had her personal e-mail, and not her public one. I'm not all about given her personal stuff to all you weirdos. So no card for you! However, you can see a non-personalized one here!

Birthday Dance

It's my birthday! Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh! (This is where you pretend to sing along with this song that my old boss at KYTC would sing whenever it was someone's birthday. What? You don't know it? You'd better fake it then!)

I am now 24. I was going to post DS's favorite picture of me at three, but my scanner does not seem to be properly installed, so check back later for an update.

Also, I seem to have a lot of new readers lately! So welcome! I kick you!

September 11, 2005

A Lesson in Biscuit Making

Here is a true story about my breakfast yesterday....

DS: What do you want for breakfast this morning?

SG: Oooh! Biscuits and gravy!

DS: Okay. I've never made biscuits before.

SG: It's not hard.. *gives DS a weird look*

-- some times passes, noises are heard from the kitchen while I visit blogs --

DS: Any idea how to make gravy?

SG: It'll say on the package.

DS: Any idea where that package might be?

SG: Where we keep the food...

-- more time.. more noises... --

-- DS comes to get me --

DS: It's almost done. I hope it tastes alright. I've never made anything with dough before.

* I have no idea what he's talking here.. I think, "how hard can popping them open, and placing them on a cookie sheet be?"

-- We both go into the kitchen, and I open the oven door. --

DS: See? They look too big.

SG: They do look a little funny. But I think they'll be okay. The edges are turning golden brown, we should probably take them out.

DS: The thing said to cook them for 10 minutes, and it's only been 8.

SG: Well, give them one more minute, but then they have to come out. When the edges start turning brown, they're usually done.

-- I stir the gravy for a bit.. and then take the biscuits out of the oven. --

DS: I hope they taste alright.

SG: Well, if they don't, I bought two. We'll just cook the other one.

DS: What do you mean you bought two?


-- I open the fridge, show him.. TWO! things of biscuits. --

DS: We had biscuits already made??

SG: How the heck did you make these?

DS: With bisquick! I thought that's why you bought it!

SG: No! I bought biscuits for biscuits. The bisquick was for dumplins!

DS: Crap!

SG: Wow. I wondered why you kept saying all that crazy crap. I can't believe you just made me biscuits from scratch. You're awesome.

DS: Yeah, well, we'll see after we taste them

* The biscuits were indeed awesome, and I am in awe both at his lack of knowledge concerning pre-made biscuits, and his ability to just whip them up without said knowledge.

September 10, 2005

Birthday Par-tay! Recap

Okay, I promised an update, and here it is, pictures included.

First, everyone that was invited, came. In fact, there was an added person that wasn't invited, but I let her in anyway, because she's good people. We grilled hamburgers twice, because some people were late, and we decided to bestow mercy and let them eat anyway.

After some beer drinking and food eating, I decided it was time for cake.

As you can see, MT was not joking when she said she knew what a good cake should be. For some reason, I ended up lighting my own candles. Well, Jesse lit a few. For you amusement, I present some photos of the guests singing me happy birthday...

Later, everyone could be seen stuffing their faces full of cake and ice cream.

What did I get for my birthday? Well, so far, not much. Which is fair, because it's not really my birthday until Monday, and most of my family will have to mail gifts. However, so far, I've gotten money, a tequila shooter set, and a little stuffed dog, to name a few.

The dog was given the name Smaxwell (did I spell that right MT? DS gave me more tequila after you left, and my memory of silly things, like how to spell, has been left by the wayside). He came with polka dots and a pink boa. It aroused my suspicions, but he told me after everyone left that he was gay. So now I know for sure. He's seen here enjoying some Madison microbrew. You might be seeing more of Mr. Smaxwell.

Does anyone know why my shooter set came with a burro that holds toothpicks?? I've personally never needed toothpicks to down tequila, but maybe there's a part of it I've missed until now...

And finally, I leave you with this. Evidence that Jesse is trying to get in the pants of my boyfriend during my own birthday party. I noticed they had been missing from the festivities for a while, and found them together.. on my bed... you decide.


Note: MT seems to like it when her face is covered up with her name, so I decided I would be nice and continue the tradition. Personally, I think it has something to do with staving off her crazy fans...