August 26, 2012

Summer Endings

This weekend marked our last full weekend together and alone for the foreseeable future.  We have house guests coming this week, and then between my trip to KY and school starting and conferences, we'll have something going on until mid fall.  Not that we won't see each other, but things will be busy!  So we decided to make sure we made the most of this weekend.

Yesterday we went hiking at Nockamixon State Park (there's a lake, but I didn't see it).  It's a place that DS goes bouldering (rock climbing) by himself, and I decided to tag along for the exercise.  Regular ol' hiking is more than enough exercise now.  I took a book so I wouldn't get bored while he climbed.  It was a really nice day, and there wasn't anyone else there.  So lovely and quiet.

Today we got some grocery shopping done, put a giant stew teeming with vegetables in the crock pot, and put together the crib.  We are so excited!  Having the crib up makes things feel more real for sure.

That's my giant care bear that I've had for nearly 10 years in there, and the whale tub sitting next to it.  The bedding set isn't here yet, so right now there's just the mattress and a couple of my old baby blankets in there.  I also ended up sticking the two quilts DS's grandmother gave us in there.  There are some built in shelves in this room that used to have a bunch of my craft books and whatnot.  I cleaned that out this week so it can hold baby things.  It's not a huge difference, but it makes it feel more nursery-like while the babies are sharing space with the office.

We have a tentative plan for insulating that brick by the crib.  It gets super cold in the winter, and this room is over our landlord's bedroom, and you can hear everything through that brick.  (yes, I do mean everything, it's a little embarrassing to be in there at times; I'm glad it's not where we sleep.)  Hopefully some insulation will help them sleep better until we're able to buy a house.

Making progress!  Now we're looking forward to some of our Santa Barbara friends coming to stay.  Exciting times ahead!

August 23, 2012

Anatomy Scan!

Today we got to look at the babies for almost an hour and a half.  They're so much bigger than they were before!  About 6 inches, CRAZY.  Baby A weighs about 9 ounces, and Baby B about 8 ounces.  Pretty much every inch of their bodies were measured.  Their skulls, parts of their brains, their kidneys, their stomachs.  Their bones have started calcifying, so we could actually make out every single vertebrae and rib.  The tech had to make sure their hearts were functioning properly, so she watched those in slow mo.  It was really cool to see all 4 chambers working together.

Their nervous systems have started functioning, so they have some controlled movements now.  We watched both of them sucking their thumbs at various points.  They also both got the hiccups.  They had liquid in their stomachs and bladders, which meant they're properly swallowing amniotic fluid and their kidneys are working.  Good job babies!

Baby B, thumb sucking

Baby A, relaxing
Baby A was wiggling all over the place as usual, so finding out the sex took a while with that one.  The tech moved to Baby B hoping we could come back to the other one at the end.  Baby B was not shy.

The tech says, "So now I have to give you my spiel about us not being 100% sure on the sex, but if that's not a boy you'll have to bring him back here for me to see!"  She finished up with the measurements she could get (Baby B was in the wrong spot to get a back of the brain measurement), and then decided to do some of her computer work that she would normally have done at the end when she didn't need us anymore.  Otherwise we would have been back in 2 weeks or so, and we're already going every 4 weeks because we're high risk.  There was about a half hour between that shot of B's legs and when she finished entering our measurements.  I just knew that A would end up being a boy too, because in 19 weeks we've only thought of one name, and it was for a girl.

And sure enough:

Jerks!  I keep calling them my jerk babies, and little things like this are why.  I laughed when we saw him like this, and I said, "he must have heard you saying how good Baby B was being and got jealous!"  The "BOY" type is in his umbilical cord, but the more defined part is his penis.  This shot isn't as easy to read as B's, because you can't really see his legs, so I labeled his butt for you.

So we have all their measurements!  And the doctor came in and did a quick check for herself and told us how happy she was everyone is doing fine.  They both also commented on how easy the scan was to do because I'm so skinny.  :)

Other than the fact that I started getting super hot at one point from the pressure the babies were putting on my blood vessels while lying on my back, this was a great visit.  We'll go back every 4 weeks, but they'll be shorter check ups called growth scans.  Those will be to make sure each baby is growing as they should, and that they're not having issues with things like intrauterine growth restriction or large discrepancies between the two which would be possible reasons to induce early.

Here's one last pic of them both.  It's still super hard to fit them both in one photo.

Baby B on the left, thumb sucking, Baby A's head on the right

August 13, 2012


This weekend DS and I drove down to WV to visit his grandparents.  We know we won't be able to travel for Christmas or Thanksgiving this year since I'm not supposed to get out of easy range of the hospital after 24 weeks.  His mom and aunt also came up, so it a nice little family gathering.

The weather was fantastic, especially coming from all the upper 90's we've been having here.  I actually wore pants and got chilly at night.  We slept with the windows open.  It was also the peak weekend of the Perseid Meteor Shower, and WV is probably the most perfect place to watch stars on the east side of the US.

Saturday afternoon we hiked up Bickle Knob.  There's a fire tower at the top, and it's a lovely place to enjoy the landscape.  Honestly, it's not much of a hike.  You drive most of the way up.  But you can't beat the view, especially in the fall.  I was impressed with my ability to climb up all the stairs of the tower.  Anything remotely cardio is a lot harder these days, it's kind of depressing.

DS and I at the top of the fire tower on Bickle Knob.
That night we went back up to view the meteor shower.  Some of them were really bright and amazing.  We didn't stay out late enough for them to really get going, but I'm still really excited with the amount we did see.  I've never lived anywhere before where I could see a meteor shower, so that was awesome.

It's pretty difficult to photograph actual meteors.  There's not a lot of light, and they're not in the sky for very long.  But DS was able to take some cool photos of the sky with a long exposure.  The lines you're seeing are the paths of the stars across the sky as the earth rotates during the exposure.  The lines get smaller in the upper left corner because it was center of the rotation.  Pretty cool huh?

Long exposure of the sky over WV on Aug 11, 2012.

So we had a pretty great weekend.  The food was good, the company was good.  One of his grandmothers even gave us two handmade quilts her friend made for the babies.  She also gave us a wrapped gift "for the shower" that we're not allowed to open yet :)  Now if his other grandmother could just feel better, things would be perfect.

August 08, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

This spring I decided to sign up for my first 5k.  My friend Sarah agreed to do it with me, and we both started training.  I was actually making some pretty good headway and was running probably the best I ever have.  Of course, then I got pregnant.  It was really hard to do much of anything for a while, much less run.  So exhausted :P

Anywho, I realized I'd never even gotten these photos off my camera.  This particular race involves getting hit with colored cornstarch, or "color bombs".  It's not timed, anyone can do it, even babies.  They don't care if you walk it or run it.  In fact, the rules say you should finish by sunset so you can see where you're going.  So we jogged just a bit, but mostly walked.  I'm sad I wasn't able to run it, I feel like I was so close before things got nuts!  But it was seriously a LOT of fun, and if you ever get a chance to do this or something like it, I highly recommend it.

Photos are all taken by DS on June 17, 2012.

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