January 29, 2007

I'll be your charity case

Work is crazy. In one meeting today, I was told that I haven't worked there long enough to be so bitter. And then they said they knew who I had learned it from. That person happened to be in the room with me. I assure you, I was not being bitter, and even if I were, I didn't have to learn it from anyone. Though if someone did need to learn it, he'd certainly be the person to go to.

I finally figured out why I couldn't access half of your blogs. It would seem that my links had a double backslash on the end. Why was that okay for the last year but not now? I have no idea, but the links are updated. So if you thought I was ignoring, stop thinking that. And in the off chance that you depended on me for getting to one of these blogs, never fear.

In the nerd world, Windows Vista comes out tomorrow. I was not selected as a Vista tester at work, which is too bad, because I'd be the coolest one. Surely no one there is as nerdy cool as I am. On the plus side, my bff at work is a Vista tester, so I can at least play with it.

Did anyone notice that I'm currently reading three books at once? Yeah, that's not working so well. Especially since I'm spending all of my free time playing Animal Crossing. Speaking of which, if any of you fellow gamers out there have this one, please share your friend code with me!! My poor villagers are suffering from a lack of interaction, and the one friend I know of that has the game doesn't have wi-fi. *sad*

I think I had a reason when I named this post initially, but I've already forgotten. Though really, that should be reason enough to hold my hand.

January 27, 2007

I want my blood back

On Friday, my job did it's regular blood drive with the Red Cross. We find out about these well in advance, and I was a good little drone and signed up. Unfortunately, I still forgot about it. It was not the best time I've ever had, that's for sure. However, I did learn some very valuable information.

  1. Drink LOTS of water the day before you give blood. Something about it makes you feel less bad afterwards, and your blood leaves you quicker (I guess that last part's a good thing.. I know that I bragged about beating my friend Luke, 7 minutes to his 8. )
  2. Apparently, if you're female, your red blood count goes down right before your cycle starts. So.. if you're borderline anemic, it's not the best time to be giving blood.
  3. If you're borderline diabetic, you should have extra sugar before giving blood. This should not be in the form of two Mountain Dews like I did, but instead they suggested a candy bar.
  4. Also, if you have somewhat low blood pressure, be careful. And cough a lot. Apparently, this makes your lungs shake your heart, and your blood will flow better, which is good when you're passing out.
So yeah, I apparently did everything wrong that I possibly could yesterday. I was laying there, squeezing my ball, totally cool. It wasn't until after I was done that I suddenly felt as if I was falling. My vision started clouding fast, and there's a possibility I was starting to pant (it's hard to remember). Next thing I know, the nurse is laying down the stretcher and telling me to breathe. I'm also fairly certain she giggled when she said "yes, that's just your body saying 'oh no, i'm bleeding to death!'". Mind you, I was still quite sure I was about to die. Giggling was not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Several glasses of juice later, I was escorted to the cookie table, where I was instructed to eat and drink. I had a few cookies, lots more juice, and decided I had too much work to do to be sitting there like a baby. I got up, the nurse asked if I was sure I was okay, and before I could even finish saying yes, I was falling again. I was back on a stretcher before I knew what was happening.

When I got home, I was feeling quite a bit better. Winston and I were snuggling, and he took an interest in the bandaid where they had pricked my finger before I gave blood. Forgetting his habit of chewing on anything that doesn't belong on me (like my wedding ring for instance), I didn't pay much attention when he was licking the bandaid. That was a mistake. Next thing I know, his bottom fang is stuck in my finger. I'm pretty sure he hit bone. I lost a lot of blood, and nearly passed out again.

The point of this story? Had I known that my cat was a blood sucking vampire, I wouldn't have given blood. It looks like I need all I can get. Geez...

January 22, 2007

Miyazaki is adorable, and also amazing

I just finished watching Howl's Moving Castle, a Hayao Miyazaki film. In case you don't know who that is, he is responsible for such movies as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. You just have no idea how amazing this movie is. I get so used to U.S. animation, which has gotten fairly simplistic in its use of line and coloring, and what isn't simple is done by computers. But then you watch something from Studio Ghibli and not only is art incredible, but the stories are so original and moving. And the best part is that no matter how many times you watch them, they just keep getting better.

I now own three of his movies... that only leaves 15 more!

January 20, 2007


Whoa! Number 6, that awesome slutty robot on Battlestar Galactica, is in the current Playboy. I have to call DS!

January 18, 2007

Glitter is the Herpes of Craft Supplies

I recently watched the Demetri Martin comedy special on Comedy Central. He is sooo being added to my "celebrities that don't count as cheating should something happen" list. I might have to bump someone off of it to squeeze him in, but what the heck. The Yankees don't start playing for a while yet :)

I've discovered that Winston is only cuddly at inopportune times. For example, he loves to sit in your lap when you're sitting on the toilet. He also loves to lay on your when you're fast asleep, and he nudges you until you start petting him. When I'm watching tv and my hands have nothing better to do than pet him? Nope, that time is better spent breaking things so I miss my shows. It's all a clever ploy to drive us crazy. Little does he know, DS is about to change his address to "balcony".

I spent tonight at MT's place, making cookies, eating pizza, drinking Sangria, play with Professor Shortpants, and talking. If any of you ever want some yummy Sangria, MT's is the place to go! Also, this was my first time meeting Shortpants, who has fur much like my old cat Grace, but has all the spunk and badness of Winston. Perfect.

It snowed here for about 2 1/2 days (roughly speaking; there were a few breaks). It was pretty cool in that it was windy, so the friends of mine that have windows in their offices had some awesome looking snow drifts. However, the snow was very thin and didn't amount to much. This is turning out to be a disappointing winter. I still haven't been able to use the ice skates my mom bought me for Christmas last year. Why did I even move to this state if they weren't going to fulfill my need for a winter wonderland? Bunch of savages...

Seriously though, life is grand. I had almost forgotten what it was like to have friends that you talk to everyday, and that spend time with you. I'm oh so busy, but I love every minute of it.

January 11, 2007

I Heart BSG

You know how usually when you love a show during the first season, but then the writers just can't sustain that much awesomeness into the second season?

Yeah, that ain't happening here. I love you second season of Battlestar Galactica. I love you from the bottom of my heart. And when I'm finished with you, I will love the third season. Because you are amazing.

January 07, 2007


I thought the movie was pretty darn funny (it was The Holiday, btw).

But I've had a headache for two days straight, so.... yeah, that's all you get today.

January 06, 2007

Upping the Ante

DS recently discovered that the first two seasons of Animaniacs has been released on DVD, which of course meant he came home with season one the other day. It would seem my ability to sing along with the songs, especially classics like Yakko's World, have dramatically added to my geek points. Which we all know in this relationship equates to how much he loves me.

I've also been watching Greg the Bunny, a show I've been ordered to watch by Matt. I'm all about the TV today.

Since I started work at my new job, I've gained a few new friends who have become staples in my everyday life. Tomorrow, worlds collide! DS and I are going to a movie with MT (yes, the famous one with the now missing blog) and Matt. Here's hoping they get along, or my future parties might be a little awkward. But really, how could two people I love so much not get along? Impossible!

January 05, 2007

Once Stentorian

Oh Fiona...

It never ceases to amaze me the way a song can find its way inside me and completely change who I think I am. All I know seems different, changed, and I have to start the process of building my self-image all over again...

A very good friend of mine, seeing my Fiona Apple collection was one cd short, took it upon himself to fix it this Christmas by giving me a brand new copy of Extraordinary Machine. I thought for sure nothing could be more moving, more powerful, or more beautiful than When the Pawn.. but I was wrong. Oh was I ever.

Ms. Apple has this way of writing lyrics in a way that poetically recaptures every sad and bitter moment I've ever experienced, and then lays them over melodies that can make you want to cry over the beauty of it all. Then it's like an addiction, even though loving the cd causes me to relive the moments that make the songs ring true, I can't stop listening. And before you know it, I've stumbled back into that place of bitterness with all the self-loathing it entails.

Now I find myself questioning everything I do. What are my true motives? Why does it seem like everything I touch turns into a disaster in the making?

All I have to do now is sit back and wait for the train wreck that I know is coming, or pray that something pulls me out in time.

Or I could change cds....

January 03, 2007

Hello? Are you there?

This is a Public Service Announcement:

Dear justacoolcat:

A while back I promised 10 brownie points to the first person who could answer my question (which I have since forgotten). However, I have no idea who you are, and frankly, I'm stingy. So if you're a regular reader, please declare yourself and I will leave your points posted as is. If not, I shall remove them, and sit back and enjoy the fight that is brewing between Willie and Spinning Girl (I've never seen two people fight over brownie points like these two!).

That is all, carry on.

2007, Here I Come!

The New Year got off to a bit of a rocky start...

wait. who am i kidding?

The New Year started off GREAT! DS and I got all dolled up (by which I mean we weren't in jeans and a t-shirt, though DS was close) and went to our friend Anne's house (of Battlestar night fame). While there, I had some vodka concoction, and made the world's most insane drink stirrer. It's amazing what you can do with a shattered skier from a snow village and a hot glue gun.

After kicking plenty of things there, we moved on to our friend Dave's house, where there was beer, champagne, bourbon and cigars. Yes, nothing rings in the New Year like 5 separate vices in one night... On the plus side, Dave proposed to his long time girlfriend Melissa after all of the horn blowing and confetti throwing calmed down. She thankfully said yes (I kept imagining how embarrassing it would have been if she hadn't!).

On the 1st, I dutifully slept until 12:30 PM. Upon waking, I promptly ate myself into a gluttonous bliss, completely dashing all hopes of starting the year off on a nutritional good foot. During the few hours I had before it was time to go back to sleep, DS and I caught up on The Office, having officially watched all three seasons in less than a week. (Hooray!)

I quickly gained some ground on that whole "healthy" thing by making my triumphant return to the climbing gym tonight. ...and then quickly petered out after 4 climbs. Man, am I awesome!

I have high hopes for this year, as I currently have standing plans for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of every week in the near future. (fyi, that's climbing, battlestar night at Anne's, and tv night with Matt, respectively.) DS and I are also saving money to go on a cruise this summer for our friend Lindsey's wedding (hooray for being able to save money!), and he is very happily organizing a climbing trip for March.

And though we are all saddened by the closing of MT's blog, I am heartened by not one, but TWO invitations to see her in one week! I'd give up blog reading for time with her any day :)

So look out 2007, me and my Rocket Dog shoes are ready for some kicking!