September 21, 2008

The Wedding

September 18, 2008

Chuck e Cheese!

For my 27th birthday, my friends and I went to Chuck e Cheese.

He's elusive, and apparently only makes a 10 minute appearance for certain children's birthdays. I wasn't one of those children.

I was, however, given a birthday balloon by a manager, whom I'm sure was avoiding a scene due to my friends persistently asking for one. It was very quickly stolen by this adorable little girl who kept... licking it.

Being an adult at this place rocks. You actually have real money to put in the token machine.

People were putting in entire $20 bills. Renae enjoyed seeing how long she could make her ticket strings.

The real motivation for going there was that I wanted to play Skeeball for my birthday. Somehow, I'm not as incredibly awesome as I remember being, but it was still lots of fun. Luke was incredibly awesome at always getting somewhere between 23 and 25,000 points.

It was the highlight of the trip. The other games were fun, but not as fun as Skeeball.

Being the birthday girl came with the sweet perk that everyone gave their tickets to me. We were aiming for 2000 so I could get a big Care Bear. At the end of the night, I had 2031.

Afterwards we made a pit stop at the grocery store to get some cake and ice cream. Most of the cakes were either lame, or not a flavor I like. So Pokemon it was!

Since my birthday was on a Friday, and I had a midday appointment to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Kel's wedding, I took the day off from work. When I returned on Monday, my office was wrapped like a present. Some of it, like one of the monitors, had to be unwrapped so I could function. But the rest, like that pink chair, are still sporting the birthday love.

September 16, 2008

Save the Farnsworth House!

Possibly my favorite piece of architecture ever is sitting in water. On Sunday, the water was a foot deep within the house, which is saying something considering it's already on stilts. It's only a couple of hours from where I live. So close, and I've never been... and now it may be a very long time before I get to. The National Trust for Historic Preservation bought it within recent years and opened it to the public, but now it is closed until further notice due to the damage. I can't see it being completely restored within the next three months. :(

Please, if you can, help save this building. If I had to choose one building in the entire country to save, it would be this one.

September 12, 2008

Birthday Shenanigans

FM Hue Test Results

A lower score is better, with ZERO being the perfect score. The bars above show the regions of the color spectrum where hue discrimination is low.

As you can see, I'm doing very important things on my birthday.

I took the day off from work, and have spent the day getting my hair cut, my brows waxed, buying new clothes, picking up my bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding, and just generally feeling very posh.

And because we just can't have that for too long, later this evening I'll be playing skee ball at Chuck e Cheese. Huzzah!

September 05, 2008

Winston Saved My Life

*sorry about the quality; click the image to see it bigger