May 30, 2007

Just for Janelle

5 Reasons why I blog:

  1. DS was doing it, and I'm not one to be outdone.
  2. I like attention.
  3. I don't call people, so this way you can keep up with me.
  4. I like to think I'm funny. But it's okay that I'm the only one laughing.
  5. I have stranger danger, and this lets me talk to people without talking to people. I have more friends online than in real life now....

May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Fun

Every year, Madison hosts something called Brat Fest. It is the largest in the world. We hold the World Record for most brats served in a single event or weekend or whatever. I had never been, so DS made sure I had a Brat Fest experience this time around.

I'm not really a brat eater, but I love the shirts that go with the festival. I was content to and get a hot dog, and then a shirt. However, DS said I can't wear a brat shirt without eating a brat, so I did. And then they were out of shirts... Jerks. I did get to touch the wiener mobile though. That was pretty cool.

Afterwards, DS took me to a park to fly my new kite, which I've named Sammy. He's a colorful lizard, with a VERY long tail. Whenever he started to fall, I yelled "Sammy! Stop it!" It only helped some of the time. Sammy is a disobedient lizard.

In case you're wondering, I was flying my kite in the exact same spot that DS and I went ice skating in this winter. I could have sworn that would be a pond, but it appears I was mistaken.

May 27, 2007

Booze Cruise

On Saturday, I went to Milwaukee for a brewery tour conducted by boat. Also known as a Booze Cruise. (Well, maybe not, but it makes me laugh.)

The first brewery was called the Rock Bottom, where I had some Naughty Scot Scotch Ale. The brewer told us how he made beer, but all I heard was when Lisa looked at these and said "That looks like SCIENCE." This picture is hereby called SCIENCE.

This was just after the first brewery (which means 2 beers into the day). Granted, they were 7.0 abv, but still. I knew we were going to have a fun time.

Lisa very much liked this giant beer.

I believe this is the third brewery. I can say with much certainty that I was drunk by this point. However, I did recognize that the river was fogging, and since low lying fog is one of my favorite things in the world, this picture was taken. I don't know if you can tell, but my pants were also completely soaked from jumping in a puddle at the second brewery.

I don't remember this at all, but I can tell you this is Ben, and we're in the back seat of Ruby, Matt's car. Also, this had to have been after Lisa missed the boat because to her, "hey we need to go, the boat is leaving" meant "run and get another beer."

Afterwards we went back to Leon's for custard. Actually, that was the second time we got custard that day. Look how happy Matt looks. That's cause I hooked him up with Anne. I'm awesome that way.

So, Booze Cruise = 5 stars. Also, everyone on this excursion will be with me when I go to Austin in September for Austin City Limits. That means ACL also has the potential to = 5 stars. Rock on.

May 18, 2007

Seattle's not bad

I had to go to Seattle for work a little while ago. Here are some random observations.

Despite feeling colder than Madison, it was much much more green. I only found out after I was there that some people call it the Emerald City, though apparently the locals do NOT.

I was disappointed to find out that Pike's market is nowhere near the window of any hospital, and therefore could not possibly be viewed while people are getting into the elevator at Seattle Grace Hospital.

The market then redeemed itself by having the most amazing collection of Fiesta ware I've EVER seen. This was only a small portion. It was breathtaking.

The Seattle Art Museum teased me by being closed the day I went because they were getting ready for a 36 hour grand re-opening the next day in celebration of their new wing. Jerks.

The public library by Rem Koolhas was interesting inside during the day. At night, it was simply mesmerizing.

The pier was pretty cool, minus all the homeless people missing limbs, each of whom had a pet dog of some sort which they used as a pity tool to get your money.

The Woodland Park Zoo had pretty decent exhibits, though they fell short in their job of educating the public. There were more signs telling you what each tree was than there was telling you what the animals were. One exhibit had nothing at all. I guess we were supposed to guess. The little bird house for things generally thought of as pets was pretty cool though. All the birds were loose, and you could buy little popsicle sticks with peanut butter and birdseed and then feed them. This little girl was adorable.

I learned a valuable lesson on this trip though. Under no circumstances should I spend more than 3 or 4 days without physically seeing someone I know and care about. I only knew one person on this trip, and I didn't even see them until day 6. I'm afraid my tendencies to self destruct overwhelmed any greatness the city tried to bestow on me. Next time, DS goes whether he likes it or not.