December 26, 2007

Well, tonight DS and I finally got around to going Christmas light looking.  What?  Don't look at me like that.  There were mitigating circumstances.  Like impenetrable fog for a week, and DS falling asleep when the sun set.  

At any rate, tonight we went.  We found more than we have in past years, now that we live in a slightly different part of town.  As it turns out though, the only thing we found worthy of getting out of the car to photograph had less to do with lights and more to do with sheer awesomeness.

Yeah, that's right.  That's an IGLOO!  I probably couldn't fit inside comfortably, but children could.  We were in total awe.  (hmm.. awe.. awesome.. yes, those words go together perfectly here, and not just in the middle school "cool" sort of way... sometimes I find words fascinating long after I should have realized their true meanings...)

I made 8 different kinds of cookies yesterday.  EIGHT!  If you want some cookies, come on over, because I have plenty.  Sometimes I get carried away.  Maybe I still am, because the only reason I stopped was because I ran out of vanilla and butter.  It's hard to make cookies without those two things.  But I still want to try making cashew brittle, and it's just wrong to make cookies without including chocolate chips.  There's also a batch of dough in the fridge that just needs to be rolled out so I can put jelly in them, fold them, and bake them.  Yum!  Being on vacation rocks.

The only other thing happening is this:  My Brother's Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Brother!!

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Santa brought Winston and Felix an array of goodies!  Look at all of those new toys!

Felix is very fond of their new cat bed.

Winston was interested at first, but quickly went back to his old standby.

Look at him go!  Can you see the little pink and white mouse he's after?

This is his favorite game, and he is taking full advantage of DS being home this week.

As for DS and I, we used our Christmas money to get a new HDTV!  It's not here yet, but we're trying very hard to be patient.  We also got each other some books and video games.  We thought it was pretty funny that we both got each other such similar things.

Now, I'm going to make a BUNCH of Christmas cookies, because I love doing that, and DS is going to make me a roast chicken!  We're loving our first Christmas at home, and we hope you're having a wonderful time wherever you are too!

Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2007

5 Days 'til Christmas

Work is stressful at the moment, as I have a deadline on Jan 4th, but am about to be off for 11 days straight... which really means I'll just be working from home during my vacation some. Feeling responsible can really suck sometimes.

At any rate, between that and the following things, I've been both busy, somewhat stressed, and scarce. Here's a rundown.

DS was forced into attending graduation by his mother and I.

It was by far the best graduation I've ever attended: short, painless, and the guest speaker was even pretty funny.

Of course, I then had to make DS pose, which he refuses to do with any sincerity. But I'm okay with it, because this picture cracks me up.

Once the rest of his family left, we took his mom to the zoo.
Seals are pretty darn funny when they're flopping around on dry ground.

Of course, the main reason I wanted to take her is that the polar bears become hilarious once it starts snowing. This guy just flops around on his belly looking so content, and then he'll slide down the rocks on his back. Totally worth going just for that alone.

She was also excited to see actual icicles on people's houses.

She asked me to design an ornament for her with her dogs Jake and Willard in it. I was pretty proud of the results, so I'm showing it off.
And finally, I fulfilled a long-standing dream of mine and designed a 3d Sleep Goblin. You know you want one!! And if not, I do, which means I have to make another, cause this was a gift.

December 13, 2007

12 Days 'til Christmas

My friend Luke has a window office on the third floor at work (that's as high as it goes).  We think he might be on his way to have the world's largest icicle hanging from the roof above him.  It goes well down into the second floor level.  The girl in the office below him looks out at the bottom.  

I have to wonder about the quality of our drainage system, because the entire campus is covered in stuff like this...  Not that I'm complaining, it looks really cool.  Of course, they also have to close the courtyard from time to time because they start falling and it's quite possible something of this size would kill you.

I finally got DS to let me buy a bunch of Christmas candy.  I love this stuff!!  Also, it looks really cool as a desktop wallpaper.  I won't be offended if you download it ;)

December 12, 2007

13 Days 'til Christmas

The mystery has been solved!  It was indeed ordered from a person and not a store.  Thanks sister of DS!!

So my guesstimate is that it's snowed roughly every 3 days since Thanksgiving.  I'd say we have at least a foot of snow, and it hasn't been above freezing in a few weeks now.  This is why I love living here!  It's like the prettiest Christmas card you ever saw, with all the evergreen trees covered in snow.  Especially when people put lights on the outdoor trees.  AWESOME!

I'm pretty much in heaven here.  Which I could say the same for DS.... He's lamenting his inability to climb outdoors in this weather.  He really needs new hobbies.

December 10, 2007

15 Days 'til Christmas

Holy Crap!

Apparently I have a [not so] secret admirer of some sort.  I received a package today from someone in Minnesota.  No note, no card, just a return address and a last name on the envelope.  At first I was sure that DS had ordered me something for Christmas using some account that had it ship directly to me.  Feeling as if I had spoiled a Christmas surprise, I took him the envelope in shame.  But no!  It was not from him!

That means it was from someone else.  Either someone in MN (which seems highly unlikely unless you just haven't really made yourself know, since the only person that I actually know in MN lives in Minneapolis), or someone from anywhere else that used the Amazon's "buy from other people" option.

Who is it?!  I want to thank you!!  

December 06, 2007

19 Days 'til Christmas

Dude.  I am a horrible wife....  Somehow I forgot to announce that DS gave his defense on Monday, and is now officially Dr. DS!!  (Maybe not so horrible, I did go watch it, and carry all that food he bought and no one ate up 3 flights of stairs.)

Sometime ago, maybe this summer, I bought him a shirt from Dinosaur Comics.  My only caveat was that he had to wear it under his suit during his defense.  He did :)
I present to you:
Professor Science!!

This image and Dinosaur Comics are copyright Ryan North.  
Go read it, it's totally awesome.

This is an old picture, but you get the idea.

December 05, 2007

21 Days 'til Christmas

More snow was dumped on us yesterday, and I believe more is on the way throughout the week.  Man I love living here!  This year, our families are coming to us, and I have a feeling they won't be so happy.  They all come from much warmer climates...  Don't you just love the way the snow clings to the greenery?  All the fir and pine trees around here look AWESOME!

In store news, the ornaments are now officially posted there*.  So if you don't know my e-mail address but would still like one, you can go there.  It uses PayPal.  I'm also working on some festive earrings.  Nothing overly Christmas-y, but I think they'll be great for holiday parties (and maybe all parties)!

*Click on the SG photo!

December 02, 2007

23 Days 'til Christmas

They're here!!  Send me an e-mail if you'd like one this year!

Also, in case you don't know, I do take special requests for ornaments.  So if you want something special for a gift or yourself, just let me know.

December 01, 2007

Wonderful Things

1. Several of my work friends have a tradition of "trashing" a co-worker's office on their birthday. Plans are made in secret, and all work is done after the co-worker has left so they'll be surprised the morning of their birthday. This week was Jim's birthday, and he came in to 3 feet of balloons. Check out that static*! 286 balloons are good for that.

2. I have a large marker board in my office. When it's not full of ideas for work projects, people draw on it. This image started with the sailboat, then came the guy falling off and a shark eating his leg. A few days later, a turtle was eating a shark, and then a whale was eating the turtle. Then Jonah appeared, and then an alien "fishing" for the whale. What I love most is that I never asked any of these people to add to the drawing, it just happened. Often when I wasn't in the room.

3. It's snowing. Hard. And the winter storm warning doesn't even start for several more hours. I love winter!!

4. We put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving as usual while we watched Christmas Vacation. This year I bought extra plug timers so I don't have to turn on or off any of my lights. They're on when I get home from work, and go off some time after I fall asleep. Aside from the fact that we can't keep Winston from chewing on the tree (that crazy cat likes to chew on plastic.. makes me almost wish we'd gotten a real tree), I'd say our new apartment is a decorating success! Also, Winston would like to start the countdown to Christmas!

* Image may require enlarging to see static effects.