June 15, 2008


Sometimes I have to travel for work, and recently I was sent to Cincinnati for a "go-live".  (By the way, the people at The Christ Hospital are pretty cool; they gave me ice cream and made my 12 hour shifts not totally sucky)  I more or less get to choose where I go, and I chose Cincinnati because my best friend Kelly lives there.

She's building a house, and we went to see it.  It was the first time they'd been in it since the roof was put on, and she was very excited to see that the brick was already being added.  

This of course has DS and I salivating for our own house...

We went to the Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory.  The theme was "the Silk Road", and the exhibit featured butterflies from Asia.

It's times like these that I really appreciate how amazing my camera is.  And it's not even all that great by today's standards!  Simply amazing.

Volunteers offered a spritz of Gatorade for your hand, which was supposed to attract the butterflies.  I didn't really have all that much luck, but this little girl was walking around with them all over her.
We decided to stroll around the nearby park, which overlooks the river (which, by the way, was completely gross looking.. massive storms and flooding will do that.. big and muddy and frothy).  There was a statue in the distance, which we saw from behind.  We were sure it was a witch over a cauldron, but it turns out to be a gift from Cincinnati's sister city in Japan.*

Afterwards we visited the art museum.  I'd been there before, but I think this piece was new.  It was taller than me and made out of wood.  Something about it just makes me want to rub it, like it will be soft or smooth.  I really like it.
* This statue represents a fisherman using this special way of fishing with birds.  The birds' necks have rings that don't allow them to swallow the fish.  They fly off and catch one, then bring it back to the dude, who takes it out and puts it in his bucket.  Kinda gross if you ask me, but also a pretty creative way of making do with what's around you.