November 11, 2012


Today we put together the lovely dresser that DS's mom got us. I really like it.  I wasn't much help, but I am pretty good at following directions.  There was also a point when all the crossover bits were installed on one side of the dresser, so it had to be held up.  I helped out there too.  The rest was all DS.

Still slowly working on the nursery.  The wall stickers are up, most of the furniture is where I want it, I've filled up the dresser.  The clothes are all washed and put away.  Diapers are prepped.  Still need to sew up all the cloth wipes.  That's going better now that I've converted the coffee table into a fabric cutting station.  Way easier than the floor.  Once those are done, I guess I'll start on the little crochet sea creatures I want to make for the insulated wall.

Also, in case you missed it, there are some new backposts linked over there on the right!  I think I'm all caught up now.

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November 05, 2012

Random Thoughts

  1. I keep seeing clothes I want to buy.  This is stupid, because my maternity clothes are almost too small already because I'm twin sized.  Buying more would be a waste of money, and they'd only be useful for 2.5 months at most.  And I can't try on anything normal because I'm a balloon at the moment.  Why do I keep wanting to buy things anyway??
  2. I kind of wish I could have an ultrasound today.  I know these babies have moved, and I can't tell how.  I prefer knowing who is making which movements, and now I can't tell...
  3. The low tonight is 29, which means I should figure out fast what to do with the plants left on my balcony.  And yet.. I can't really bring myself to care.  So long plants!
  4. I am super happy my hips aren't giving me shooting pains with every step I take today.
  5. I have a lot of back posting to do.
  6. We moved our bed last night so that I can fit the co-sleeper next to us when the babies come.  Still have to figure out how to rearrange the rest of the bedroom now.
  7. I am so excited for this dresser that's on its way thanks to DS's mom.  It's weird to be so happy about a dresser, but I had no idea how I was going to store all those little socks and hats and whatnot.

I thought there were more, but maybe not.  Hopefully I'll get around to back posting soon.  Lots of photos.