March 05, 2013


I wish I were hibernating, that would be more restful.  The blog sure has been though, three and a half months of silence.  Whoops!  Lots has happened, the main thing of course being the birth of our twins, affectionately known as Bear and Monkey on December 28.  They've kept us more than a little busy, and we're still trying to get our feet under us in terms of routine and "normal" things.

DS has been taking his daddy duties very seriously.
We're in the process of house hunting.  It's something we started last spring and then decided to put off to gather a better down payment.  Now that the boys are here it's time to pull the trigger.  We need the space, and I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate not having them crying in the middle of the night.  We would certainly appreciate not hearing every little thing they do.  We're pretty excited about it, but it's also exhausting.  There is so much to consider; schools, neighborhoods, walkability, yearly taxes.  And then once you finally find something the paperwork involved is mind numbing.

This weekend we have friends coming in from Brooklyn.  They're expecting their first baby boy towards the end of the summer, and we're going to hit up the local Moms of Multiples sale to see if we can score some good things at a cheap price.  Babies need too much stuff that costs a ton without long usage, so I'm all about buying things gently used.

The last time we had friends come stay to meet the babies they were still very fussy.  Lots of crying.  They've recently started coming out of that, so here's hoping this weekend goes well.