November 28, 2006

You wanted Thanksgiving Pictures?

This is just a close up picture of my Thanksgiving handtowels.
Go ahead, use it as your festive wallpaper next year, I will.

So here's our Thanksgiving in a nutshell:
(yes, that's my new KitchenAid Mixer! woot!)

I spent 20 whole minutes preparing this whiskey and pumpkin pie, and then a whole hour waiting on it to bake in the oven...

... and all DS made was this Rosemary Roasted Turkey.

November 20, 2006

Things you missed while my internet was broken.

DS and I finally got a real bed! Yea!!!! No more sleeping on the floor on a crappy matress!
(Thank you so much to the people who gave us money as a wedding present!!!)

I met Kimberlina! This is at Boo at the Zoo! at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. She's a mummy!

DS is an explorer who rides a masked lion...

Look at Kimberlina brave this lion, and the cold!

This year I carved a spiderweb pumpkin, complete with beaded web and spider.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have Official 2006 Sleep Goblin Ornaments to make.

November 19, 2006


Sometimes when I'm doing laundry, I get distracted and leave the dryer door open while I do something else. We have one of those double stacked washer-dryer sets that fit into a closet, and the dryer is on top. Apparently, Winston discovered the dryer a while back, and now I can't keep him out of it when I'm folding clothes. I just can't get him to understand why a warm, soft cubby hole is a bad place for a cat to sleep...

These are two different occasions. It would seem he likes the dryer even when it's empty.

And this is a random picture from a snuggle session the other day. He has a really hard time just being sweet, which is actually one of my favorite things about him.

November 18, 2006

Am I the only one who thinks "The Big O" is a dirty dirty name for

November 15, 2006

Animal Planet is a crappy channel

I don't know why I bother watching that stupid channel. You think to yourself, oh, cool, animals. I love animals. But everytime I watch that channel, it's some show about animal rescue, which is really a show where they show you puppies dying and cats stuck in pipes, and dogs with barbed wire stuck in their bodies. I can't watch that channel without crying, and I refuse to be sucked in again!

November 13, 2006

I worked 10 hours today, but I have come here to do one thing. Because if nothing else, I must update Spinning Girl's brownie points for sending me such a wonderful wedding gift. Now, my day is complete.

November 09, 2006

Honeymoon Pictures

This is the first time my internet has worked in over 5 days, so I'm trying to get a few pictures up before I leave for work. If it's still working after work, I'll try to add some captions and some more pictures. I wish I had Spinning Girl's talent for the poison quill, because Charter would be getting some hateful words from me! At any rate, enjoy Jamaica!

The living room in our suite. We had two patios. TWO!

This was right outside our room! The water was so clear. So much so that you can see the seaweed on the bottom. Don't worry, there was a sandy beach down the shore.

This huge tree was in the middle of the resort. I was in love with it, until I got swarmed by bees from the hive in that nitch I was standing in.

DS and I went on a Canopy Tour in the mountain jungle. They hung zip lines between mountains, and we went soaring over the valleys. This was the coolest thing ever, but we couldn't take pictures while doing it, so you'll have to take my word for it.

My mom wanted a picture of us while we were there. Unfortunately, the humidity and heat often made my camera fog up, and this time, I noticed too late.

We don't have any pictures of it, but we had an amazing time snorkeling while we were there. I swam in the middle of a school of tropical fish!! We also went to this to die for Japanese restaurant in the resort, where you get 6 courses, all included, and the sushi chef specially designs your meal every night.

All in all, we had a wonderful time. I wish we had known beforehand how long the travel time between the airport and the resort was, because we ended up only have 3 good days there. But you can't complain about 3 wonderful days, and we'd definitely like to back there again soon.