April 29, 2006

Career Options

So obviously, I'm not overly interested in doing historic preservation, the thing I went to grad school for. Which has left me thinking, what else might I like to do?

One of the things I've come up with is a teacher. I actually minored in math in college because, between being in engineering school and majoring in art history, I thought I'd like to be a math teacher. Also, I've always loved kids (though DS has no idea why). Somehow, all through high school and college, I ended up being one of those people other students went to for help. Math was one of those things that just came easy to me, and I seemed to have a knack to being able to explain things in a way others could understand too.

My issue? I'm not overly fond of kids once they hit middle school, and you can't just teach math to primary school students. So I have this question for you all. What do you think? Tell me what you think the pros and cons of teaching math in secondary school, versus teaching primary school, are. Also, let me know what else you think I should do with my life, because I'm sure having problems coming up with ideas.

(P.S. If you're a teacher *hint hint to Spinning Girl* please drop me a line sometime)

April 27, 2006


You're all such a demanding group of readers!

No, I don't plan to make DS wear an engagment ring. He's not that kind, and I think I'm lucky he'll put on a wedding band. Once upon a time, I use to propose to him, and he'd tell me no. And at some point I told him I was going to buy him a ring and then he'd have to say yes, and yet he told me no still. And I'm pretty sure he told me he wouldn't wear it. I've also been very unsuccessful at convincing him to take my name. I'm very fond of my last name....

The gift is The Prodigal Summer, a book that Spinning Girl is currently in love with. Books are my favorite gifts ever, and I'm not allowed to go into Barnes and Noble alone because of that. I'm am well known for buying myself $50 worth of gift within 5 minutes of walking in the doors, and usually I don't have that kind of cash to blow on books. So you see, getting a free book in the mail was like, magic!

The people in the picture, in no particular order, are Lindsey, Elyse, and KT2. I refuse to tell you which one I am, because my archives should make it obvious. With that said, 5 brownie points to the first person who correctly identifies me!

April 25, 2006


When I went to France, I took my USB cable for my camera with me. I thought it was important that I be able to upload the pictures I was taking as I took them, in case I wanted to take more than 300 a day while I was there. This was all fine and dandy. The problem didn't arise until I got home, and was too lazy to crawl under my desk and find a way to hook it back up. It's scary behind there.

Well, today, I decided it was time to hook up the USB, and bring my camera out of retirement. This decision was helpfully spurred by the recent acquiring of a new 15 min battery charger (damn French power...). So without further ado, I present to you some pictures from the last month and a half.

This picture was taken at the end of Sleep Goblin Craft night. The camera batteries were dying (stupid charger!), and so the flash refused to go off, even though it was desparately needed. Hence, a blurry picture, which means even though we're posing to show off the earrings we made, you can't see them. I assure you, however, that they rocked.

These pictures were taken after DS re-proposed. Okay, he didn't really re-propose. But, the day after he got home, he picked up the ring from Jesse. Even though I was pretty sure I would get the ring that day, I came home to a package from my mother. I love packages and surprise mail gifts, so I was very preoccupied with getting this box open. DS kept saying, "Can't that wait a minute, I want to show you something." Finally, I grunted in frustration, and said "Fine!" I was expecting a ring, but not the to-do. I was smart enough to be very happily surprised, and he was nice enough to not hate me for delaying his moment. That bottle, yeah, that's champagne from France. I know you're all jealous!

And finally, I came home not long before DS got home to a box sitting outside my front door. I thought to myself, "That's odd. I don't remember ordering anything. Perhaps it's my pants from Delia's. No.. that doesn't look like a Delia's box. I think that's an Amazon box. What the crap did I order from Amazon, and why don't I remember it?"

Mainly because I didn't order anything. It was a gift! A random act of kindness!! I'm not sure this has ever happened to me before, and it was the most amazing feeling that this special someone, half way across the continent from me, felt the urge to send me this little piece of happiness. Isn't the wrapping job pretty? Spinning Girl is a saint (or at least a very funny girl and great present giver), and I love her. I'd marry her if I weren't already engaged. Heck, maybe I'll marry her anyway.

April 21, 2006

2 years

On May 1st, DS and I will celebrate our two year anniversary! This means two awesome things.

  1. DS and I will go out for sushi a week from Monday. We love sushi.
  2. Presents!! I have two new computer games!
The fun thing about my computer games is that they're way cheaper than DS's computer games. So while I got two for under $30, he got one for $50. Sucker. That means I still have $20 in presents coming to me!!

I love presents. Feel free to send them to me at any time. Automatic Brownie Points are awarded for doing so. (I know you all want to be added to my Brownie Point Sidebar of Fame!)

April 17, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

Sorry for the absence guys! Here I am, with a brand new keyboard (which is totally awesome!), and a home that feels like home again. Thanks of course to the return of DS.

The past several days have been crazy-go-nuts. DS came home Wednesday evening, after missing his flight. Which wasn't so bad, as it gave me just enough time to finish cleaning the house. Thursday night, we went rock climbing, and then went out for margaritas. Let me tell you. If you like magaritas, go to Pedro's on half price night. I have the biggest drink I have ever seen in my life for under $5!!

Then Friday night was KT1's birthday, so we all went out for that. Which turned out to be martini night. Did you know they can make martinis in like, 50 thousand ways? One rasberry martini was good enough for me. That, and one of DS's olives. Mmmm, olives.

Saturday, I worked. A lot.

And Sunday was a gloriously stormy day, where DS and I stayed home in our pj's watching movies and playing computer games. AND I got homemade biscuits.

So there you go. Life with DS is returning to something more resembling life and less resembling me being a hermit. Hooray!

April 15, 2006

I know what my long absence and DS's homecoming correlating have you thinking. And you're right.

DS stole my keyboard. That bastard.

April 11, 2006


Could this week get any better? DS comes home tomorrow, I have a giant stack of spring edition Double Stuf Oreos, and free rentals from Blockbuster! Hooray!

April 10, 2006

Sleep Goblin Crafts

It's been a while since I've mentioned it, but I thought I would let everyone know that the goblin picture in my sidebar is a link to my store. I updated today with 4 pairs of earrings! I've been on an earring making frenzy lately!

Also, because some of you seemed worried, I'll let you know that I did not spend the other evening drinking to solve my problems. I don't really have any serious problems right now, and even if I did, I'm aware that drinking would not solve them. You have to admit that the picture was humorous though :)

And because others of you are big babies, I'll say that the only blogs I read are the ones linked in my sidebar. Now, if I listed all of you as favorites, what would be the point in that? I could have just said, see my sidebar for blogs I read. But I just wanted a few, and there you have it. If you're afraid the lack of a listing means you're not special (you know who you are), well, you're wrong. Now stop whining before I kick you!

April 09, 2006

Wedding Dresses

Yesterday, MT and I got up after only 4 hours of sleep to head to Vera's House of Bridals. I have never to a bridal gown store before, neither to help a friend, or for myself. The experience was rather surreal.

First, you have to have an appointment. I hate making appointments, and had seriously considered just going and seeing what would happen. It's a good thing that Friday morning I changed my mine. I made appointments for two different places, each one telling me I had gotten the last opening for the day. There must be a lot of brides in Madison!

Secondly, when you get there, you have your own dress consultant. Not to mention your own dressing room. My helper, we shall call her N for short, met us at 9:00 AM, and took us upstairs to this little room. There was a bench along one side, a box to stand on, and a long mirror. She started by asking when the wedding date was, and if I had an idea for what kind of dresses I would like. She asked if I needed a strapless bra for trying things on. Crap! I always forget something.

She came back with one, which was too big. Why are your boobs always the first thing to disappear when you lose a few lbs? So she comes back with a smaller size (bye boobs *sniff*) and tells me I have to strip down right there, in front of both of them. What! The surprises just kept coming...

There was no time for shyness, as she quickly left again and came back with two dresses for me to try on. All I had to do was lift my arms up, and she slipped one over my head. Many of them had a corset back, and she'd tie me up as I stood on the box in front of the mirror. I felt very much as if I were being transported back into the 18th or 19th centuries, when servants were required just to get dressed everyday.

Once a dress was on, if I didn't hate it right away, we walked out into the main hall for the natural light and multiple mirrors. Here, the dresses came alive, with all of the crystals catching the light and sparkling in a million colors. In this public space, even the prom dress shoppers can see you, and everyone gives you "that look." The look that says, "oohh." The one where younger girls are dreaming of their wedding day, when the older are remembering theres. What is it about a girl in a wedding dress that makes people stop what they're doing and stare, even in a building that sees many everyday?

For about two hours, dresses were put on me, analyzed, and taken off again. MT and I narrowed it down to three choices, each one different than the next. The last gown I tried was one of these three choices, and therefore the first one to move into stage 2: trying on a veil.

This moment, when N brought out a veil to match this dress and put it on my head, this is a moment I will never forget. The dress was no longer just a pretty dress, and I was no longer playing dress up. Suddenly, I was a bride. I had goosebumps on my arms. MT was starting to cry. And I found that it is true what they say. When you put on the right dress, you just know. Until that moment, I had not really felt as if I were truly getting married. Sure, I've started calling DS my fiance. I wear a ring on my left hand and spend time making plans everyday for the wedding. But until that veil went on my head, it felt make-believe, like I was rehearsing for a play. I can understand that moment brides have on their wedding day when they look in the mirror in disbelief and say, "I'm getting married."

It is a strange thing, when dreams come true. It takes the brain a while to catch up to reality; to stop fantasizing and start living. The realization of that moment is perhaps the best part of all.

April 08, 2006

This is not a comeback

Someone once told me that booze solves all of your problems. MT and I are watching movies and seeing if this is true. Isn't Colin Firth handsome?

April 05, 2006


I'm feeling MIA in my own brain. Today was especially bad. I don't feel like blogging, and haven't really for a while. So instead of posting crappy things, I shall just go away and let you read better stuff.

Here are some of my favorites:


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April 03, 2006

This is Love

The Sleep Goblin by DS.
Make your own Lite-Brite picture here.

April 02, 2006

Rain and More Rain

It's been raining a lot lately. In a way, I'm glad, because that means Spring is here, and I like to grow things. I do get a little bummed on days like today, when it says rainy and foggy all day long. However, tonight is perking up, because it has started in with the lightening and the thunder. Goblins like thunder.