March 31, 2006


... tired.

I have recently scratched two things off my "do before ds gets home" list. These included making KT1 a birthday present, and plant an herb garden for ds.

Yes, that's right. I now have the makings of an herb garden on my balcony, including chives, oregano, cilantro, thyme, basil and sage. We'll see how they grow. I said to him, "I'll grow the stuff, you cook it, deal?"

And are you keeping count? I have 12 days!

March 30, 2006


Guys, I am ti-red. Man. I've just spent the night climbing, and I actually managed to pull the roof on this new 5.9 (DS, you know what I'm talking about). Geez man. And props to me for doing something KT1 couldn't! I am the master!! (okay not really. but it was very nice to not be the one struggling for once.)

Anyway, yeah. I get to work 10 hours tomorrow. So I'm going to bed.

Oh and Dad? Check your e-mail :)

March 27, 2006


Since no one seems to know what my quote was from, I'm going to let DS answer and get the brownie points...

Go ahead DS, you know you want to.

Also, we've set a date!! We're going to be married October 21st! Woot!


UPDATE: justacoolcat has just posted an answer in the form of this picture:

While the answer was technically Ignignokt, as he was fleeing Master Shake in his space ship, this answer does at least bring us to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I therefore declare this to be the winner, and rejoice that someone at least knew what I was talking about. Hooray for justacoolcat!

March 26, 2006

Serrated what?

As I was lying in bed last night, crocheting a birthday present and chatting with DS, I noticed something on the padded side of my pinky finger. I looked more closely...

Serrated paper cuts! How did this happy? My pinky finger looks like my skin has been made into overlapping fish gills. I have no less than 12 cuts, all evenly spaced and parallel, and I have no idea where they came from. This is kinda creeping me out!

March 25, 2006

3 Months

When I woke up this morning, groggy from a dream I had in which I fought continuously with DS, I found myself concocting this amazing post on the weirdness three months alone does to you. However, a long day of work, and the fading of that dream, has left me with little to say.

So while it won't be beautifully written, or insightful, here's where I stand. After three months, I've lost many of the habits that pertained to DS and I living together. This includes what little inclinations I had towards keeping things clean. (Please note that while I don't rinse my dishes everyday, which actually hurts me when I think about it, I do spend at least once a week giving the "dirty" rooms, i.e. bathrooms and kitchen, a good scrub down. I'm not a total slob.) I have likewise picked up some new habits that I know will be weird once he comes home (such as always having the car, not shutting the bathroom door, and keeping a very odd schedule).

I've actually gotten used to eating ravioli's and vegetable soup for all of my meals again. I take up the whole bed when I'm sleeping.

In many ways, I feel similar to how I've felt in the past several months after becoming single again. I find myself thinking of and dreaming of him often, and yet I have become accustomed to his absence. When I close my eyes, I can see him with me, doing things we always use to do together. And yet he feels that way, like a ghost, or a figment of my imagination, even though I talk to him nearly every day.

I suppose the major difference is that I'm not sad, because I do know that soon he'll be home. Yet I'm realizing that even when changes happen that don't fix themselves, such as when family dies, I still tend to take things in stride. I don't react the way many people do, grieving for the loss of people in my life. I remember my first love, who broke up with me after 11 months in high school. I came to school the next day, and went about my day much as I always had. And while I was sad, I didn't feel my life was over, and so I didn't act like it. It didn't seem strange to me, but I remember clearly that people thought I was acting oddly for someone who had just been heartbroken. Life hasn't been much different since then. I am often accused of taking death too lightly, and moving on too quickly from major life changes.

I have to say that I don't mind this about myself. The one time that I really did break down after losing someone, the guy I dated for three years before meeting DS, was one of the worse years of my life. No one person's absence should keep my own life from happening. I wasted an entire year of my life that I can't get back, and that's just so sad to me. Though I am very grateful that those experiences led me to where I am today, and made it possible for me to meet and love DS.

Who I am sure would take a year, if not more, to get over losing if it ever happened. So it's probably a good thing he's just become a ghost to me, and not lost.

I guess this was a really long way of saying that life is lonely around here.

March 24, 2006


You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

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You Are The Moon

You represent the unconscious side of life, what happens in dreams.
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Your intuition is always right, listening to it is the difficult part.

Your fortune:

You are about to embark on a very important journey - and a very difficult one.
Some of your deepest dreams will be realized, as well as some of your deepest nightmares.
Follow your creativity and visions; stay away from your weaknesses.
You are taking a voyage to the center of yourself, and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

March 22, 2006


Let me apologize for my recent absence. I have been doing wedding crap. I hate wedding crap...

You see, people keep telling me, "October is too soon to have a wedding. You have to book your venue a year in advance." To which I replied, "Whatever! I'm not waiting that long!!"

However, my "venues" are telling me the same thing. Since when is 7 months in advance too late??? I hate you America. And you too, venues that are already booked for October. And also you too, Seelbach Hilton for costing way too much and being oh so cool.

So here' s page out of MT's blogging book (okay, maybe only the MSPaint part.)

F U wedding world!!

Note the balls of stress and anger, and the flames coming out of my eyes.

Bonus points to the first person who can correctly guess who I'm quoting. (DS, you don't count!)

March 19, 2006


Since I'm looking into things at the moment, and also because I like to copy Spinning Girl from time to time, I made a Johari Window for myself. You can find it in my sidebar, or here.

Thanks for playing.


Have you ever Googled yourself?

I do. I hadn't done this in a while, so I tried it this evening. What did I find you ask?

Actually, I find it somewhat disturbing.

  • I'm a famous author of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books in England.
  • I'm a very talented artist of fantasy and nature.
  • I'm a set designer and glass blower.
  • I am without fail, short, dark-haired, and well, me.
Every person that came up with my name is some version of the me I really am. Except they're better... They're successful, and full-blown artists in their chosen fields. And they're good.

And then there's me. Dabbling in everything, succeeding in none. Still searching for that special something I can feel hidden inside. I ask myself quite often, "I thought you could paint? Where's your style?"

I feel books within me. There are beautiful, whimsical sketches and paintings just beyond the mind's eye. It's so frustrating to feel like if I could just find the right key, I could create things without end. The passion is definitely there. At times, even the talent. But the creativity is severely lacking, and the buds wither before they blossom.

In part, I blame this on my being a Virgo. Crafty yes, but also a perfectionist to a fault. Maybe I don't let these things come out, because I always find fault with them. It's not good enough, and I don't want to do anything poorly.

I also blame my inability to decide what I like, and what I want to "be." I want to do everything. A jack of all trades, and a master of none, as they say. I can't even finish the things that are working, like those stupid Christmas ornaments.

Craft night has been helping with these "burning desires" somewhat. But only somewhat. I need a solution, and I'm not sure how to find one within myself. The easiest thing would be for me to fill up my store with great things, but that's also the hardest. I won't let myself do it, and I haven't quite figured out why.

I'm not looking for sympathy, so don't feel obligated to give it. Mostly, I'm just journaling. But thanks for listening.

March 18, 2006


The past few days, Blogger has been having a "filer" problem. The only blog I read that is on this filer is my favorite: By the Seat of My Skirt.

Which means, the past few days have been MT-free. Isn't that sad? I know there are others out there that are suffering in agony like I am.

Update on the job thing: They didn't call me back.. I called them later that day; no answer. We'll try again Monday. Fiends.

March 17, 2006


Back in January, I applied for a job in my field (read: what I went to school for). I never heard back from them, so I decided that was that and moved on.

Yesterday, I got a call from them, and a number to call them back. Talk about freaking me out! I was not prepared for this. And of course, they would wait until I get promoted at my current job and am perfectly happy there.

Then I called back today. I ask for the extension that was left, and the lady that had called answered the phone. I tell her who I am, and that I'm responding to a message left on my phone.

She has no idea what I'm talking about!

So now, I play the waiting game, as the person who "supposedly" called me gets done with whatever is keeping her busy. Stupid false hopes...

March 16, 2006


Earring night was a huge success! I had 4 people come over, and each person was able to make at least one set of earrings (well, mostly). Perhaps I can teach crafts to people after all. I had some doubts at first. I'm especially happy that even though the people who had never done it before watched me and thought "no way!", they still walked away with a pair they had made.

Most things really aren't that hard to do, but no one ever believes me until they've actually done.

Now, I have to try to fall asleep with the hiccups. Crap!

March 14, 2006

Dirt and Maids

Take this image, stolen of my good friend MT (please don't sue me lawyer friend), change coffee mugs to "dishes" and bedroom to "apartment." This is what I'm dealing with at 9pm. In 24 hours, I'm having Sleep Goblin Craft night. Five people are coming over to make earrings with me.

How will I get this cleaned up before then when I still have to sleep 9 hours and work 9 hours?? I'm not sure I thought this through....

In other news, I'm pleased to announce that the female side of the bridal part has been chosen:

Maid of Honor: Kel
Bridesmaid: Chanda
Bridesmaid: Jaime (the groom's sister)
Bridesmaid: MT (yeah, the same)
Flower Girl: Dorian (the groom's neice)

Maid of Honorable Mention: KT1 (she refuses to "get dolled up," but fully intends to throw us a party)

A big thanks to you all for agreeing. See there? It's only been a week, and I'm almost done!


Well, my tolerance is about maxed. I've put up with DS being gone, and done it minor complaining, for quite some time now. But no more.

You see, now Spring is trying to come, which means thunderstorms. We love thunderstorms. And instead of being excited by them, I'm sad, because he's not here to enjoy them with me. Even worse, I know he's sitting in nasty, cold, Lyon, and that by the time he gets home, the violent part of Spring may be over.

Plus, my bed is just too big for one person.

I miss you DS...

March 12, 2006


My grandfather, on my Mom's side, passed this morning. He had been having strokes since before Christmas, so I have to admit I was expecting it. And in a way, I'm happy, because I know he hated being in the hospital. Plus, they discovered his throat wasn't working right anymore, and sending his food into his lungs, so he wasn't even going to be able to eat for the rest of his life. Now, that won't break his heart. Or maybe it did...

At any rate, I'm okay, and my Mom seems okay. I can't always tell with her, she's always been good at hiding things until they boil over. So Grandpa, I hope you can eat lots of yummy foods in Heaven, and that all of your old beagles are there to play with you.

March 11, 2006


I found this while searching for wedding gowns online. I mean, what is it?? Good lord. That is the worst "wedding gown" I have ever seen in my life. Please, please, make sure I don't wear something this hideous.


You know what time it is folks? That's right! It's girlscout cookie time!! Which means the progress I had made towards my goal may soon be down the drain! It's okay. It only happens once a year, and I've gotten over my fear of running.

I have three bridesmaids picked out for the wedding. I know I want a 4th, but choosing between my remaining few friends is proving difficult. I use to get a lot of crap for admitting that I rank my friends in order of preference, but now you see how important it is to know where these people stand. Besides, how else do I choose who gets to spend what little free time I have with me?

Tonight, I have a big ol' headache. I wish DS were here, because he always gives me the best massages. And he'd walk over to the hot tub with me. I feel goofy hanging out in the hot tub by myself. Stupid France.

March 10, 2006

You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows.
You probably never leave home without your cell phone!
You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you.
You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer.
Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.

Home Again

Well, guys. I made it back safe and sound. Though very very tired. By the time I got home, my sleep schedule was at about 3 am. I should learn to sleep on the plane.

Getting into the US has gotten more and more complicated. The last time I flew out of the country, which was in 2004, I came in through Canada. This was fairly painless. Just got my bags, handed them my customs sheet, and went on my way. There were no real lines, no major security. Smooth.

This time, I flew into Detroit, and was introduced to the new program, US Visit. Luckily, I wasn't visiting, or I would have had both of my index fingers and my eye digitally scanned. As it was, I stood in many many lines. One to have my passport and customs form stamped. Then I got my luggage. One to have my passport and customs form checked. (Twice, really?) One to re-check my luggage. One for the metal detector again.

I'm just happy I wasn't flagged for some reason. I saw more than one person walk away with a guard. I'm also happy that the lines went relatively quickly, thanks in large part to them separating the lines for citizens and visitors. Mainly, they asked one or two quick questions, looked at my passport, and sent me on my way.

At home, I slept for 12 glorious hours. Man I love sleeping.

Since I've been home, I've been debating this ring thing. I'm really struggling between the sentimentality of the ring that got lost so many times, and the baguettes. So I made this photo to help me out.

Not a great photoshop effort, but what can I say? I was tired.

I had to work the very next day, which was yesterday. This wasn't so bad, as I got a major promotion! Woo! Go me!! I am now second in command of the whole store. So look out world! I can finally afford to enjoy you again! It's hello movies, restaurants, and other fun things!

March 07, 2006

Avignon, Days 3 and 4

On Sunday, DS and I decided to just up and go to Avignon. Saturday night, we had tried to buy our train tickets and hotel reservations online. Apparently, you can only buy TGV tickets online if you live in France, or in one of a list of countries in "Appendix 2". The US was not one of the 5 countries on this list.

This made for a great adventure, as we had to get up early Sunday morning and head for the train station with no real plans. We got there with enough time to use one of the automatic ticket machines. However, these weren't taking either one of our credit cards. With 10 minutes before the train arrived, we had to get in a mile long line to buy our tickets from a real person. Speaking to real people is always scary, as I can only really read French, but not speak it or understand it.

A street in Avignon

Thank God we happened upon an English speaking teller. Unfortunately, we missed the train we wanted, and got to spend the next hour and a half sitting on the station floor. However, this did give us the opportunity to try out something similar to hot fries, except the closest guess I have regarding their flavor is the kind of chicken ramen uses.

Waiting for the train.

Around noon, I boarded my first bullet train and headed for Avignon at over 100 mph. This got us there in about 70 min. Totally awesome.

About as close as I got to the Alps, sadly. But still cool.

As we got off the train, we saw a parking lot, and that's about it. We looked around. DS says "Ayup... now what?" I had no answer. I just laughed. "Maybe they have a subway?"

Avignon TGV

They didn't. But luckily we found a bus that said "Avignon Centre" on the front. So we hopped on and hoped for the best. I'm just glad that DS had been there before, so that when we saw the wall around the city center, he knew we were there.
Inside one of the wall towers surrounding the city.

Next, we had to find a hotel. This wasn't too hard, though finding one we could afford did take a bit of walking around. We ended up choosing Hotel d'Angleterre. I'm pretty sure that means England. It was pretty nice for a two star hotel, with a nice breakfast and private patio.

View of the patio out our window.

Our first day in the city, we visit Le Petit Palais, former home of the bishop of Avignon, currently a museum full of medieval Italian paintings. We walked up to the park on the top of the hill, right next to the museum, and we're nearly blown off. I have never in my life been in such winds as these. We occasionally get gusts of wind around 30 mph in Wisconsin, and this was far worse that those have ever been. We wanted to go out on the Pont St. Benezet, but they had to close it for fear of people being blown off. All this, and it was a beautifully sunny day.

A pond in the park.

Tired of PB&J, we went in search of a restaurant, our first since my arrival. We decided on a place in the main square, where we ordered pizza and spaghetti. The pizza had four different French cheeses on it, which was very tasty. Soft drinks cost the same as beers. The bill came in a cute little red trinket box.

The main square.

DS using one of the "long telephones"

With another sunny day on Monday, and slightly less wind, we were able to walk out on the bridge. It would seem that when you tour major things in Avignon, you get something that looks like a long telephone, which tells you things about history at key locations along your tour. So we learned all about how the arches of the bridge fell down, and why there are two chapels on the bridge. We also learned the song "Pont d'Avignon", which I can't stop singing, much to the chagrin of my fiance.
le Pont Saint-Benezet

We got a discounted ticket price that allowed us to get into the Palace of the Popes as well. This was a very lengthy tour, again with the long telephones. I mean, this place was HUGE. It was so cool to walk down halls that 9 popes had occupied. I walked around in the popes bedroom, which was painted in a pretty blue with flowers and birds all over it. Considering most of the palace was messed up while some troops occupied it during some war, I think they've done an amazing job fixing it up and telling its story. I liked how I could choose to learn more about a subject I was interested in, like the tiles found on the floors during different popes' reigns, or the stained glass windows, and didn't have to hear about things I didn't care about. Unfortunately, they didn't allow pictures inside, so I have very little to show from this tour.

The newer part of the palace, and the Notre Dame des Doms

The newer part of the of palace.

After this, we slowly made our way back to the train station. We decided this had been a most successful adventure, and has given us courage to do something like this again. Though we may make sure we can at least get to the city from the train station next time.

Enjoying the day.

Photos from Day 2

Statue of Louis XIV in Bellecour, with Notre Dame de Fourviere on the hill.

Outside the Cathedrale St-Jean.

Inside the church.

Me in front of the still in use Roman theater.
DS inside the Gallo-Roman museum.

Facade of Notre Dame de Fourviere.

Detail of some stonework outside the church.

Inside the church.

View of Lyon from the hill of Old Lyon.

Another view of Lyon from the hill of Old Lyon.

The remains of a Roman aqueduct.

The remains of a Roman bath's plumbing.

The French are very fond of their story, Le Petit Prince.

This subway has no driver, so you can see the tunnel stretch before you. Which happens to go under the river.

March 06, 2006

Virgos are usually Earth

Your Element is Earth

Your power color: yellow

Your energy: balancing

Your season: changing of seasons

Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.
You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.
Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.
Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.

March 04, 2006

Lyon, Day 2

Today was a long day! Pictures will have to come later, as we're exhausted and planning to get up early tomorrow.

I wanted to see Old Lyon today, so we set off for the hill. I love the subway system.

Lyon was originally founded by the Romans, in fact, by Marc-Antony in large part, to be the capital of the newly conquered Gauls. It was called Lugdurum or something at the time. As a result of this, the old town is full of Roman ruins, which we spent a lot of timing playing in today. We also visited the Gallo-Roman museum, which had very few English translations. Really, just enough to make me think they almost tried. We also saw some spectacular Roman theaters, one of which they still use, some aqueduct remains, and parts of an Roman bath. I was in heaven!

Another plus of being an old town in Europe are the gothic cathedrals, of which we toured no less than two today.

All in all, we walked for almost 5 hours straight. My whole body is tired. Tomorrow, we're hoping to take the TGV to Avignon. DS went there in high school as part of something European tour he did, and he says it's the most beautiful place he's ever been. We tried to book our tickets and hotel tonight, but apparently you have to live in France to do that. So we're trying our luck at the train station tomorrow. It's a good thing he has an electronic translator, because I'm learning that I don't remember much of any of the French I learned in high school.

So when we got home, this happened:

We were tired, and were resting on his bed, about the only piece of furniture in this room. We were talking about him coming home, and the things we'd like to do when that happens. Because I'm a sweetheart like that, I jokingly said "you can start saving to get me my engagement ring."

He says "I can't wait anymore." Goes down on one knee, and asks me to be his wife right there.

Now, I mess with him all the time about this. So I think it's a joke. But then he says, "I'm sorry your ring isn't here. It's in Madison, but you wouldn't believe the hassle I've been through trying to get it."

I could not believe my ears. What ring? When did he get it? How did I not notice? He has never been good at keeping things from me. I sat in shock for a while. He starts blabbering about showing me a picture.

And there it was.. my ring. I still don't believe it. I'm engaged.

And now he says I can't have it until he gets home and can give it to me.

So let me just say this to MT and Jesse. You guys suck! I can't believe you've been holding my ring all this time and never let a single hint slip about it! But also, I love you.

Here's his funny story.

He wanted to have the ring before he left for France. The one he wanted was going to take too long to get. At the last minute, he decided on another, and it was overnighted to him. However, apparently the post office worker at his job quit or something that very day, and my ring was lost for about a week. His friend was kind enough to retrieve it, and ship it him in France. However, French authorities in Paris, as it went through customs, decided it might be sold, and added a 500 dollar import fee, which DS didn't have. So, it went back to the US, where it's waiting for him to get home. Now, because of this, our jeweler, who happens to be family, says they might be able to get the one he originally wanted, which is fine by me. That one had my birthstone in the band, which means he paid attention when I told him what I liked. Which is one of the reasons I love him so much.

My current ring, waiting in Madison.

The ring he wanted, except with my princess cut diamond and sapphires where the diamond baguettes are.

Really, how could you expect me to stay up all night posting pictures of ruins when this has happened? Before you ask, no, we don't have a date set, and I have no idea when we'll have one. Am I happy? You bet I am!

March 03, 2006

Illustrated Friday - Insect

I couldn't resist doing this one, as I always have an insect illustrated.

Lyon, Day 1

I actually woke up at 8 AM this morning. I had a bowl of cereal (which I brought from home), looked around online, and then promptly went back to sleep. I woke up to the glory of noon. Yes, you heard me. That was about 13 hours of sleep. I needed it.

When I finally decided I was ready to face the day, DS and I took our showers and had a sandwich. We said goodbye to Yioryos, his roommate, who is spending the week visiting family in Greece.

Our first task was to find some contact solution. We tried a small shop that sold things like soap and hair dye, but there was no contact solution. Our big fear reared its ugly head, as we were forced to visit a pharmacy. They keep everything behind a counter, and you have to tell them what you want. This wouldn't have been too bad, but my dictionary has no word for contact solution or eyedrops. Luckily, I could see the boxes, and they carried Renu, the brand I use at home. So, I could just point and say "Renu s'il vous plait" and hope for the best. Success was mine!

DS, loving the movie Pulp Fiction, decided he had to have a Royal Cheese and beer from McDonald's. So we did.

After having lunch, which we decided would be the only time we would visit McD's during our stay, he could me to le Part-Dieu, a three story mall. You should note the translation of this mall, which is "part god". Interesting, no? I found a Disney store here, but was disappointed that none of the products were in French. I also spent some time in a stationary store, where I bought a small sketch book (I forgot my travel book at home), and le Petit Prince pencil sharpener, as I also forgot that at home.

Fountain in the center of le Part Dieu shopping center

The highlight of the mall was a huge art store. This place had everything you could imagine an art store should have. Small tiles and grout for mosaics. White porcelain with porcelain paints. Easels, oil, gouche, pastels, tempera, and acrylics. Teeny tiny 1 inch square to human size canvases. Paper and matching envelopes in different sizes in every color of the rainbow. Stamps, embossing, scrapbooks, crochet, knitting, beading, buttons. The list goes on and on. Everything they carried came in every color imaginable. And to make it better, they were all arranged in clever displays that made them look like attractive rainbows. I could spend a fortune in that store. However, I decided it best to wait and make sure there wasn't something I'd rather have that I can't get in America.

After this, it was going in 5pm, so we decided to come home for dinner. DS is very good at this, and threw together rice, broccoli, and little pieces of potatoes that was just great. Also, at my request, some of the potatoes became fried potatoes, which judging by his reaction when he started to eat, he had never had. I'm happy to report that he loved them. Also, I would like to say that I like French potatoes better than Idaho potatoes.

I'm sorry to report that the weather today was rainy. This kept us from doing a lot of outdoor exploring, which I very much want to do. However, I spent this evening writing down museums and sights that I'd like to see, along with how to get to them. They're all listed out in my handy new sketchbook, which fits into my pocket, so we can hopefully work on that tomorrow. We're also planning a possible trip to Grenoble, where we want to hike in the foothills of the Alps.

So, look forward to more exciting posts in the near future. I leave with a picture of our view tonight, and with that we're going to watch a movie and enjoy each other's company.

You can see some mountains in the background, but they're not the Alps. I think they're a cluster around one called Mont Pilat.

March 02, 2006

Did I Make it??

I know you're all wondering: "Did she make it!?!

I did!! (You may all rejoice now.)

Here is how my day went, which shall all be in Central Time for your convenience.

9:30 AM DS's mom calls to wake me up at DS's request. She finds this funny.

9:36 AM I go back to sleep, knowing I can get up at 10 and still have 3 hours to finish packing.

10:05 AM I wake up.

10:06 AM A functioning brain remembers that just because my flight doesn't leave for 3 hours doesn't mean my ride won't be there in 1.

10:30 AM Much post-shower panicking ensues as I try to find important things, like my walkman and passport.

11:20 AM Half-eaten breakfast goes down the sink as my ride arrives and tells me to get a move on.

11:30 AM Uncomfortable feeling in my throat as my large suitcases are taking up more than their fair share of a small truck cab, and moving into the space my neck usually inhabits.

12:30 PM Nearly hit by a 2 1/2 year old girl driving a stroller while on the phone with DS. I am informed that she's learning to drive, and that they're on their way to Disney World.

1:30 PM Pleasantly surprised to find I'm sitting with 2 1/2 year old girl on flight to Detroit. We spend the hour looking at tiny houses and discussing the merits of Pooh and Elmo. Occassionally, she switches seats with her twin brother, and I play with him instead.

2:30 PM Land in Detroit. Thought about hitching a ride to Disney World instead, as the flight was only 2 1/2 hours (or so she says).

2:50 PM Find a penny press machine at the Henry Ford Museum store that puts weinermobile pictures on the pennies. Make one.

2:55 PM Run to colored tunnel and take pictures.

3:00 PM Run to awesome fountain and take pictures.

3:05 PM Run from one side of airport to other in search of a food shop that sells subs and not greasy, make-me-have-to-poo-on-the-plane food.

3:35 PM Paged over intercom to stop holding up flight.

3:38 PM Board plane. Excited to have individual tv monitors, as it makes the flight that much better.

4:10 PM Spend some time talking to older guy next to me about his 7th trip to Turkey.

4:30 PM Monitors start working. Watch the new version of Pride and Prejudice.

5:00 PM Eat dinner consisting of chicken, rice, green beans, roll, cheese and crackers, salad, chocolate cake and red wine. Decide I'll eat better if I fly more.

6:30 PM Decide that 2 hours is just not enough time to do that book justice.

6:35 PM Watch Elizabethtown.

8:30 PM Feel happy about watching a movie filmed entirely in home state. Go Louisville and E-town!

8:40 PM Choose music I can sleep to.

9:00 PM Fail miserably at sleeping. Still feel tired.

London lights from plane window

10:00 PM Decide to spend the rest of the trip looking out the window and talking to guy going to Turkey.

11:00 PM Land in Amsterdam.

11:20 PM Pass through customs/passport check on way to new terminal. Decide babies should not fly as they scream the entire time.

12:00 AM Look through the giant mall that is the Amsterdam Airport.

12:30 AM Tire of shopping and wonder how I'm going to spend the next hour and a half before my next flight.

1:00 AM Fail to help a Japanese guy use the international telephones. Marvel at how bright the sun is at 1 AM

1:45 AM Board bus that will take me to CityHopper.

2:00 AM Board CityHopper. Wait for wings to be de-iced for that mornings snow.

2:30 AM Dispair when I realize that there is no time difference between Amsterdam and Lyon and that the flight is really 1 hour and 40 min, and not just 40 min.

2:45 AM Thank God for all the food KLM gives you, as it's the only thing keeping me awake.

4:00 AM Arrive in Lyon.

4:20 AM Continue waiting for bags...

4:25 AM Laugh at the joke of "customs."

4:30 AM Reunite with DS. Catch bus to city.

5:00 AM Get off bus, find train station.

5:15 AM Get off train. Walk 3 blocks with luggage.

5:25 AM Get to DS's apartment. Open bags to find that contact solution was indeed left at home, leaving no relief for the things glued to my eyeballs.

7:00 AM Finally manage a nap.

10:00 AM Wake up, decide I want food.

10:40 AM Walk out of grocery with of those loaves of long, hard French bread and several Milka chocolate bars with hazelnuts. Rejoice at being back in Europe.

12:00 PM Have tacos with DS (a surprise gift I brought from the US).

12:30 PM Eat a lot of chocolate, and then some Mousse for good measure.

2:00 PM Decide people might be wondering if I'm alive. Post blog.