November 10, 2005

Family Tree

Note: It is not a good idea to put off making one of these to the last minute. This is especially true when you have to take your boyfriend to the airport at 5am the next day. Just be forewarned, it takes a long time to print all those pictures at the right size, and then cut them out and put them in there. We did the back side too. It may not make up for DS forgetting his mom's birthday, but I think it'll be close. All that work, and I'm not even going. I can't even fall asleep on the plane. Nope, just coming back home and then going to work all night....

Updates: A while back I told you about an employee who made work suck. I think we're going to fire this employee soon. Work is looking up because of this.

DS is leaving in the morning to visit his mom in S. Carolina. This is in large part because he forgot her birthday, but also it's because he loves her. I am staying home.

Mo was supposed to visit me this weekend, but all of our careful planning has come to naught. I am consoled only by the fact that she has a computer again, as of today, and can at least spend time on pogo with me in place of our game night. (I hope she reads this and gets prepared...) Also, maybe, just maybe, I'll go see her instead. Won't be quite the same, but it's probably better than nothing. I don't know though.. I can be kinda pessimistic.

Eggnog is now in stores. I love this whole 2 months of straight holiday sooo much. (Only when it's two months though.. my store started selling Christmas stuff in early September. GAG!)


Harry Yak said...

ok...sorry you get no mo visit. hope ds's mom likes the tree. looks like it would be a hit to me. so sorry that you will be without ds for so long. i find it hard to believe that you have not made tons of friends there though. it's almost shocking since you are as awsome as you are. anyway minneapolis/st.pual are only 4 to 4.5 hours away shout out if you want to get together with the minneasota crew.

Monica said...

I shall be pogo ready whenever it is required, madam. I can't get happy today, not coming to see you is kicking my ass.

uph_man said...

We were looking for Halloween decorations at the end of September and the first part of October, only to find Christmas stuff out. That's just a lil bit early. Oh yeah, you forgot your "step-mom's" birthday, it was Wednesday the 9th, she's 36.

kimberlina said...

isn't it awesome when someone gets fired who sucks so bad and makes your job a living hell? or when the a weird temp who thinks he's in control gets fired when you report him for touching you too much. hahahaha!

that last part is unfortunately true. he was cuh-reep-ee.

we need to invent instantaneous transporters. modern-day muggle floo powder or something so we can all get together easily and hang out and drink wine and eat cheese and crackers and s'mores and mock stupid people. and make art.

ah... if only.

by the way - that family tree looks totally kickin'.

Spinning Girl said...

I love Christmas but I hated the music at Macy's the other day. Bleah.

B.O.B.I. said...

Harry Yak is stealing my idea, but the offer stays open even after DS gets back. You're quality people and we'd love to have you!

As for loving the two months of straight holiday... not so much. Just makes retail work suck more. Plus this is the time classes are winding up toward the end and everything gets hectic and it seems like everything's going to asplode in my face!

Good news though; tomorrow night I head to Winona and search for your Citrus Drop. Cross your fingers!

By the way, AWESOME family tree!