November 24, 2005

Turkey Time

DS has been kind enough to make me a turkey for tomorrow. We have been invited to dinner at friend's house, but that friend happens to be vegetarian. I just can't imagine Thanksgiving without turkey. She says it's cool if we bring a bird, and he said he was willing to make one for me. I am definitely thankful for him this year.

I have spent the evening watching Batman Begins and eating pizza. I plan to spend tomorrow morning in my pajamas for as long as possible. I hope to get some ornaments made, as I've been invited to a Craft Open House on Sunday by one of the people at work. Her sister makes jewelry, and she sells it here in Wisconsin. She says there will be about 12 crafters there, and I'm very excited. I didn't know if I would have any made by then, but she said if I did, to bring them along. She has a seller's permit, and I just have a wholesaler's permit. A seller's permit is expensive! So yes, I'm going to enjoy a crafty Sunday, though I'm not sure it will be as cool as that craft girl sweatshop thing going on down in Florida.

And as usual, medicine meant to dry out my sinuses has given me a dry nose that now burns to breathe through, and a headache. However, nastiness dripping down my throat is no longer an issue. As my biggest sickness related fear is nauseous however, I'll take the burning nose and headache over dripping sinuses anyday. So no worries about me sneezing on my turkey :) (Though I'd probably eat it anyway.. *shhhh!*)


Monica said...

Dear Sleep Goblin and DS,

This year, you have been added to my thankful list. You have made my life much better with your jokes and pogo mania. I added DS because without him, you wouldnt be as awesome. And he did say he loved me the other night when he went to bed.

PS. I am still in pajamas too, but the turkey is in the oven!


Spinning Girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Sleepy-G!

B.O.B.I. said...

Ha! I, too, spent the entire morning in my PJs! Kudos on the Batman Begins and pizza, I think I'll do that Saturday.

Happy Turkey Day, Sleepy!

Rowan said...

happy've got a great man there.