November 26, 2005


I came home to a turkey in the oven! It smells soooo good. I love my boyfriend.

So, I'm going to eat some turkey, and stuffing, and drink some wine. And then I'm going to give this santa ornament thing one more try. Should it go as badly as last night, I shall resort to plan B. Wish me luck.

Photo Edit:

The turkey is finally done, 2 hours after we expected it.

DS cuts the turkey.

Dinner is served!

Making progress with the ornaments tonight. Still thinking about just going to Plan B.


Monica said...

yay, DS, Master Turkey Maker!

captain_howdy_girl said...

wow, that would take too much effort for me to do.. nice though

Harry Yak said...

ds is the cooking man.

you know what the best part of a thanksgiving meal is? you are correct it is the leftovers. well left over stuffing and left over potatoes are good but nothing competes with left over turkey. i turkey sandwich is hard to beat.

you might be wondering why i did not mention my beloved pumpkin pie as being the best part of a thanksgiving meal. that is because pumpkin pie is so yummy, delicious, luscious, delightful, delectable, ambrosial, oh i could go on and on but i need to go get a piece of pumpkin pie now,

FRITZ said...

What a lovely scene. What a great boyfriend. I think Kimberlina, Madge, Myself, and You should do tributes to our men.

We've got some great ones.

Calzone said...

I'm going to a tribute to my man too.

kimberlina said...

haha, fritz is so right. OR, we can all get together and we chicks can hang out and drink wine while our respective boys cook us dinner! bwahahaha!

by the way, your ornaments are awesome. i've heard that you can quill w/ tweezers or something like that... might help w/ the teensy bits.

and i adore you little table. those lights! it looks so super cute romantic. *sigh*

Rrramone said...

How does one get on your xmas ornament list??

Monkey said...

Very romantic Thanksgiving! I wish I knew how to make turkey. I must always rely on the kindness of family.

Purple and I will be over next Thanksgiving... or maybe at any other holiday where you guys serve Turkey.

DS said...

wtf, you saved a picture of that post?