November 03, 2005

A Note to Mr. Harry Yak

Dear Mr. Yak,

I recently sent you an e-mail with a picture of the magnets I've been making for you. I have been disappointed in your lack of response. Are you not excited? Do you think they suck? I know you've been online because you have left evidence of your presence on this very blog.

If I don't get a reply soon, I may be forced to either keep them, or bestow them upon other eager souls who find a magnet of your face wonderful. Consider this a friendly warning :)

Sleep Goblin


Spinning Girl said...

those came out so great!

kimberlina said...

whoa! those are supersuper kinds of cool! i get dibs, should you get no response.

sleep goblin rocks the craft house.

Monkey said...

Oooh! I want that Yak magnet. I'll pay good money for it too.

Harry Yak said...

now that is what i am talking about!

ok sorry for the email delay, you got done much faster than i thought. as you can tell i don't check my email very often. i had 175 new messages all but 1 was spam. how the hell do i put a stop to that?

ok so i guess i should email you back to find out where to send the money and to give you my address?

did i mention how sweet they turned out?

Harry Yak said...

oh i almost forgot. hey monkey you so should commission one from her. i think that the yak magnet is rather dashing myself!

FRITZ said...

MAN! I would LOVE some magnets like that, even if Harry Yak can't appreciate the insane wonderment of these.

But he can. He's a Yak, but he's got heart.

Rowan said...

good job there.

Sleep Goblin said...

Mr. Yak,

Please e-mail me your address, and I'll get these mailed out to you ASAP. Are you still going to send me a check?

Everyone else: If you seriously want magnets, e-mail me. Otherwise, thanks for the compliments!