November 15, 2005

A Great Big THANKS

As it was made known by a publicized letter, I have been making magnets for a Mr. Harry Yak. He was quite late in making his payment. However, I now owe him the biggest thanks. He gave me waaay more than I charged. Why? Not because it was late, but because "That's what I think they're worth." How freakin awesome is that??

In thanks, I'm sending him a copy of The Onion in print. Because one of the perks of living in Madison is having The Onion printed here.

Also, I have to tell him, that I'm glad your "edge living" turned out okay. It would suck to lose $25 in the mail. However, your letter rocked. You, BOBI and Dane can come over anytime you want :) The zoo is free!


kimberlina said...

that's so awesome! you should perhaps make magnets and sell them on make a KILLING.

Monkey said...

You sell on eBay right? We want... no, weneed magnets of our own.

I love the Onion. Ah me.

I've been addicted to the Trogdor video game. Just letting you know. It's hilarious.

B.O.B.I. said...

Peasant's Quest, Monkey... Peasant's Quest.

Sleep, you know we're totally gonna visit, now.

I dunno when, but it's gonna happen. And we'll play games!

And the children will dance...

And there will be feasting and merriment!

Let's hear it for hedonism!

Rowan said...

wow! I just walked in on something....*trots back out quietly*

Spinning Girl said...

Finally, art that is apprciated & sold for what it is worth. refreshing.

Calzone said...

If I send you money can I come over?

Sleep Goblin said...

Calzone, I'll let you come over for free *wink*