November 12, 2005

My first football party

Well, the first one worth mentioning...

Today, because DS is out of town and Mo didn't get to come visit, my friend Katie drug me out of my house for the last home football game of the season. I managed to go my entire four years of college without attending one party, whether it be football related or no. I've never really been much of party person. At least, not drunken retard parties. I was never invited to them in high school, because "you wouldn't have come anyway." Yeah, you're right. And I would have told your Mom too!

However, the older I get, the more comfortable I am getting together with some adults and having a few beers. And since I have to get used to the idea of spending time with people other than DS while he's in France, I took Katie up on her offer to party all day. Initially, she told me we would start around 8:30am. Later, when she realized the game didn't start until 2:30pm, she changed her mind to a more "reasonable" 10:30am. I showed up around 11ish.

I don't own any Badger-wear, except my baseball shirt. Which I get flak for, because the school no longer has a baseball team. However, I carefully choose an outfit with red as the dominant color and went downtown. I was shocked at how far away I had to park just to go to her friend's house. She told me they were out front. So I'm walking down the street, and literally every house has about 20 people in the front yard, all in red badger gear, and all playing beer pong or some other drinking game. I was beginning to think I had gotten in over my head, as I've never played any drinking games. You have to go to a party to do that...

But then I found her, and there weren't that many people in this particular yard, though there was the drinking game table set up. I was given a beer from a keg, and I set about making myself comfortable around all these people I'd never met before. I'm not really a people person.

I watched several rounds of flip cup while I sipped my beer. When I had about an inch or two left in my cup, I decided that it had gotten low enough that I could manage to play. They gave me some slack because I was a first timer. As it turns out, I'm very very good at this game. However, I never actually won. The first time, my team was disqualified because I got overeager and started before the last teammate had finished flipping. The second time, I got placed on a team of giggly girly-girls, the kind who act stupid so you'll have sex with them. I think they lost on purpose. However, I know that I'm good, because everyone who won said to me, "wow! that was a great flip!" So while I'm not eager to spend many days drinking just to play this game, I'm glad that I can hold my own when needed.

By the time the game started, there were more people than I cared to count in the yard. I was shocked that I liked most of those that I was introduced to. We moved the gathering to a bar with a TV for game watching. It was standing room only. Outside. And shortly thereafter we went to yet another bar for game watching. Though to be honest, we didn't see a lot of the game. Too many people. But we did make a point to see the last 30 secs. The rest of the night was spent in a trip to Rocky Roccoco for dinner, and then dancing back at the bar. I love dancing.

I was dutifully walked back to my car, as it was dark, and I was parked a long way off. I spent 9+ hours with a bunch of people I barely knew. Well, I only knew one, the rest had been complete strangers. I very carefully drank just enough, but not too much, and stopped 5 hours before I went home, to be safe. Now, I'm in my pjs, and very sleepy. Yes, even the Sleep Goblin needs sleep sometimes... I'm happy to report that it was a good day.


Monica said...

I have seen your flip and it is indeed good.

Spinning Girl said...

You are so cute.

B.O.B.I. said...

Well, hey, good for you!

I, too, am not a party person. We almost got something relatively crazy like that last New Year's at my buddy's house. We'll see how this year goes; there'll probably be a couple less people. Oh well.

Hope your sleep was as good as your day; it always sounds like you don't get very much.

By the by, I didn't find Citrus Drop, but I remain undaunted. I'm gonna eBay that shit if I have to.

kyrko said...

"I was shocked that I liked most of those that I was introduced to" Of Course! That's the way the beer from the keg is supposed to work!

Rowan said...

whats a football party?

kimberlina said...

very cool goblie. isn't it nice when you kinda enjoy a party with people you don't know? when you surprise yourself in different ways?

i mean, i always feel weird when that happens. like, wow, that wasn't so bad. would i do it again?, still don't know. but that wasn't so bad!