November 07, 2005

I love Mountain Dew

I have a Mountain Dew addiction. To be more specific, I had a Citrus Drop addiction, which I liked much better than Mountain Dew, but we don't have Krogers in Wisconsin. Stupid Wisconsin. For a long time, I found nothing that lived up to my Citrus Drop, so I stuck with Mountain Dew. Now I've found Mountain Fury. Not as good as Citrus Drop, but I'll drink it over real Mountain Dew. I have a thing about good generics.. I don't know why.

Anyway, my point is something else entirely. When I sit here at my computer for long hours, like tonight, I can go through more than one without really noticing. It's probably bad for my butt. But good for my can collection. Okay, it's not so much a "collection" as it is a bunch of used cans on my window sill. DS hates it. I wonder what he would do if I went for the world record? That's got to be a helluva lot of cans....


Shel said...

I like your blog and I hate Mountain Dew. No matter, I'll still come back.

Rowan said...

mountain dew, 7up are horribly responsible for migraine headaches in me. I can't drink them. Glad you found something you like that much, mine is Timmy's.

Harry Yak said...

i once bought a bottle of black cherry soda while visiting a friend in colorado. i bought 4 actually and it was a huge mistake because this was the best pop i had ever had. like water for the angels. i had bought them because the bottle looked cool and i didn't find out how good this pop was till i was safely back in minneasota. i still remember how sad i was the day i drank the last one.

so you don't have a krogers? what is the major grocery store chain where you live?i would say cub or rainbow is the major one here in the twin cities. i'm rather fond of piggly wiggly down in memphis if only for the name.

Spinning Girl said...

1 word:


B.O.B.I. said...

Couple things, sweet thing:
I'm so sorry to hear about game night! When I hung out with my sisters and cousins we complained about just the same thing! Every time we get together we try to play something; we're all huge game people. Danius and The Other Roommate don't really seem to be card/board game people, as far as I know, though, so I know how you feel. You two should take a Wintery Vacation to Minnesota and we'll have a huge Gamers' Party! Balderdash and Scattergories and Cranium and Clue and if we really want to waste time, Monopoly.

As for Madison, I'm pretty sure that town is populated solely by my aunt, uncle, three cousins and drunk college students.

About the Dew/Sun Drop: Dudette, they sell Sun Drop in Minnesota. At least, if you drive straight west and can find a Hy-Vee, they sell Sun Drop. We'd buy it 'cuz it's cheaper than Dew. Nowadays I'm off the caffeine, but if you ever REALLY want some of the Dew... Hy-Vee, baby, Hy-Vee.

Sleep Goblin said...


We have Sun Drop too. I don't like it. Bleh! It's Citrus Drop I want! Also, I think you're right about all the drunk college students. I was never fond of college students. Thanks for the invitation,