November 26, 2005

Ornament Update

I spent quite a few hours yesterday working on my new ornament design after work. The prototype always takes a long time to work out. With no pattern, I have to work out the size of everything, the colors, and how it will all come together. I managed to put together a rather cute santa in sleigh yesterday, only to completely ruin it while trying to find a good way to hang it inside the orb.

I think it would be easier if this part were smaller, but the smaller you quill something, the harder it is. So tiny, and so tricky to handle with clumsy fingers. I had hoped to be able to take a completed one to work today, because everyone has been asking about them. Not it looks like it's back to the drawing board.


Anonymous said...

now i do believe that was my idea, does that mean i win? you know how i like to win :)-kel

Sleep Goblin said...

Actually, it was no one's idea. You said a sleigh with presents, which isn't what it will be. And even if we only go by the sleigh, you weren't the first to suggest that either. Sorry!