November 09, 2005

I am so sad. I have known for some time that DS's job would be sending him to Lyon, France for a while this winter. However, he has recently been given the details of said trip. He leaves January 15 for THREE MONTHS! How am I supposed to go three months without him, when I've already posted about how I have NO friends? How will I keep warm during my first Wisconsin winter? How will I keep healthy when I have to go back to a Ramen noodle diet?

I am so sad.


Janelle Renee said...

Don't be sad, Little Goblin. Your blogging friends are here for you.

kimberlina said...

yes, we will keep you healthy on a diet of our wittiness.

also, i can send you easy recipies that you can choose to use or not. i know what the ramen diet is... i, too, go on the ramen diet when loved ones (read: the cooking half) leave for long periods of time.

or... go with him?? ah, france...

Jesse said...

Let me start by saying that I'm still doing my part by trying to convince R's advisor to send me to France in his stead. I'm wearing him down slowly.

Don't be too sad--this town is chock full of hot dudes in the 19-23 range. Much newer models than R. Ripe for the pickin'. And winter is the time they'll be looking to get cozy.

Seriously though, it's a good time to explore the city. Madison is an awesome town that I've grown to love a lot. If you're looking for something fun to do, you can find it--pretty much independent of what it might be that you consider fun. So explore while you're here, find some fun that you haven't found yet, and enjoy the fact that if nothing else this will probably force you to take at least a trip or two to France.

And (I hope this doesn't befall you, but if it does...), I remember spending about 4 months holed up all by my lonesome for the fall/winter. I basically ate sandwiches, drank hot tea, read books, raked leaves, and stared at the wall. Doesn't sound glamorous, I know. But I got some good thinking done at least and when spring rolled around I was ready to be social again. Embrace the funk and you (almost) always come out stronger. Sometimes though you come out insane. If that happens to you, let me know. I'll burn my Captain Beefheart records for you.


Anonymous said...

You can come back to Gtown, and I will cook for you, and Babba can keep you warm at night. :)

Calzone said...

that's a drag..truly. I will wait until at least next week before I mack on you.

B.O.B.I. said...

Ok, remember me mentioning the Minnesota Vacation? Games with (somebody's) family?

Either that or I could introduce you to my aunt and uncle. They're both awesome people and although they're probably busy with the kids, I'm sure they know some great people with whom you could hang.

Just ideas.

At the very least, I'm going to head down to Winona this weeked to see some friends and I am damn well sending you some Sun Drop! Does that help?

Maybe a smidgen?

On a different note, I'd be more jealous than sad if someone I knew was going to Lyon... that's a big town. Cool for him!
Uhhh... Kinda.

Monica said...

Thats it. I am selling all my stuff and heading gypsy like to your place. Only not this weekend. I will have to do something major to be forgiven for that one, I know.