November 22, 2005


I spoke with my Mom yesterday day. I was telling her how DS and I are too poor to buy all the things that go with a Christmas tree, like a tree skirt. And also stockings. So I bought the cheapest skirt I could find, and I'm decorating it myself. She seemed a little panicked. Turns out, she was in the process of making DS and I stockings herself, and was worried that I wouldn't want hers if I made my own. She's so silly. We always had handmade stockings growing up, and I always loved them. My Mom rocks. I can't wait for them to get here!

So now, I have a lot of crochet patterns for stockings and a bunch of green and red yarn. Anyone want to buy a stocking?


Monica said...

Remind me to show you the ones I made for the boys two years ago. I love getting crafty at christmas time. I don't have a stocking though, so maybe?

B.O.B.I. said...

Ah, sorry, Sleepy, I had a big stink with my mom about keeping our old stockings. I've had mine as my stocking for 22 years now; why get rid of it?

Why, I ask you?

uph_man said...

Sherri wants to start decorating for Christmas, so we could use a couple of stockings.

Rowan said...

u are so crafy