November 23, 2005

Herbert Kornfield

I have recently been rekindling a relationship with one Herbert Kornfield. He's the Accounts Receivable Supervisor in some company. By far, my absolute favorite column writer over at The Onion. If interested in some good humor, check him out.

But for now, I must find some Benedryl, as draining sinuses bypass my nose and head straight for my throat, making me slightly naseous. If left unattended for too long, it'll feel like I have bronchitis. I'm not sure what happened to my ability to be healthy, but I totally lost it somewhere along the college path.


FRITZ said...

The Onion is the most resourceful writing out there.

I am with you; my body just doesn't seem able to stay healthy for as long before I went to college.

It was the beer, I'm sure.

Monica said...

Feel better, lady!

word ver-sivcups

Maybe they are for catching the nasal drainage?

Janelle Renee said...

The Onion: Cool!

Your sinuses: Ewww, gross!

Calzone said...

I love that you remember "I gots to represent at the motherfuckin company picnic"?

Rowan said...

awww, I hope you feel ok for turkey

kimberlina said...

no sneezing on the turkey! hope you feel well enough to enjoy your day off from work!
if you're still sick on friday, just wipe your nose with your hands a lot when handing people back their change. ;)