November 20, 2005

My First Christmas Tree

Today, DS did his duty as a boyfriend and bought me my first Christmas tree!! I'm so excited. I've been singing made up songs about it all week in anticipation. :)

It was actually really hard to find one that wasn't prelit. Why do all the trees come with the lights built in now? I just don't get it. Like DS said, putting on the lights is half the fun! Not to mention that the two strings of lights cost less than $5, which saved me at least $50 by not getting my tree pre-strung. What a rip off!

I know some of you will be disappointed by the fact that we didn't get a real one. Especially when you learn that I've never in my life had a real Christmas tree. DS and I discussed this, and we decided that we would wait to mess with all that when we have a house. Living on the second floor of an apartment and getting a live tree up there just seemed like more of a headache than anything.

DS wore his "Superfly" t-shirt for this important event.

That mug on the chess table is the carousel mug I bought my Mamaw for Christmas. It makes a good eggnog mug.
We went with the cheap ornaments, just so our tree wouldn't be bare. But really, we prefer the random assortment that you collect over the years. The problem is that we haven't had a lot of years for collection, so we only have about 6 of the cool ones. You can't have a tree with 6 ornaments.
This is the only picture of the ornaments that turned out okay. That last drop of my camera at Devil's Lake really made it useless. Stupid broken focus... Also, it's not really our first Christmas, that was last year. But that ornament is at my mom's right now.


Jesse said...

I'm going to have to fault you for putting up your tree before thanksgiving.

There is still a holiday between now and Christmas! Thanksgiving never gets any respect! It's like as soon as Halloween was over, everyone put out christmas decorations in the stores!

What about the turkeys? And the pumpkins? And the pilgrims n' shit? Doesn't anyone still decorate for thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

hey sis, glad to see you still have the spirit of christmas. mom and geno arnt getting in the mood of the season. let me know what you and rob want (thats cheap) so i can save for it, lol. tree looks good:)

Harry Yak said...

i too am a firm believer in no christmas decorations before thanksgiving. the day after thanksgiving has always been the traditional day of puttiing up the christmas tree. it is a long standing yak tradition handed down from generation to generation. peopl that put up christmas lights before thanksgiving are forgiven because of the poor climit and i understand not wanting to do it when there has been a lot of snow. if you light the christmas lights before thanksgiving thats another story all together. no lights before thanksgiving people. i also feel that the last day they should be on is christmas night, then turn them off untill new years eve then go ahead and turn them on for the last time.

that all being said sleep goblin is a very special person and if anybody wants to give her greif for her wonderful spirit better hope that i don't find out where they live. if i do me and my shovel are coming to pay a visit. never mess with a yak and his shovel

Dragonslayer said...

Harry, I'll gladly give you Jesse's address if that means you'll take him out. You should be warned, though...he's wiley. I've been trying to take him out for years and have yet to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Tree looks great! I put mine up on the 11th I think it was---I usually aim for Nov 1st, but I wanted to shampoo my carpet first. And this is your first Christmas in the same apartment, so it's still a first! :o) And I do agree--putting on the lights is fun! Down with the prelit trees! ~Chanda

B.O.B.I. said...


Sorry, I shouldn't yell, but I'm so disappointed in you,

I think you made baby Jesus cry.

Moral Turpitude said...

I never took my tree down from last year.

Jesse said...

Go for it. I'll make sure to be home--then I can thank R for getting someone to help me plant those azaleas.

Rowan said...

don't worry about not enough ornaments, you'd be surprised how quickly they add up! We've so many now, that the past 2 years I've had to throw away the uglier ones because we've got toomany now. So, I either should stop collecting (will never happen) or get a bigger tree.

Spinning Girl said...

Aren't those trees a joy to assemble?!?!? I have one too; this year I am getting a real tree though; I started feeling depressed abotu having a fake tree. But enjoy!

kimberlina said...

i think we have the same tree. :)