November 12, 2005

Random Quotes from an Evening of Playing Blackjack

"I need one more bust protector!"

"I'll double barrel you!"

"Did you just spank your own ass?"

"How many of those do you have in your mouth?"

"They're not potato chips, they're corn chips, and I'm convinced that makes them better."
"Why, because they have a vegetable in the name?"

"Do you have pet names for your genitals?"

"Have you started the internet porn yet?"

"All of my penises are in South Carolina."
"You have more than one?"

"I saw that tongue action."

"I just can't stop looking at myself."

"Alice blew that one!"

"Read the damn entry!"

"My boobs are pilling from rubbing them on the cardboard."

"Man, I've got to unbutton my pants."

"That makes me feel all makey outtie."

"Hit me!"

"I was down under the desk on my knees in the dark."

"Is book light a secret code for vibrator?"

"I got an eruption!"

It's amazing how dirty a conversation can sound out of context, no?


Monica said...

Dude, I so wish I had been there.

Sleep Goblin said...

Crap! Who did I just spend the night with? *worried*

Monica said...

Cool, cool, depressing, cool.

Spinning Girl said...

I love it.

I have a list like this of quotes form a whitewater rafting trip. There were so many, I made them into a little book and gave it to all the participants as a memento.

Good times.

Marisa said...

I wanna play blackjack with you, man! Sounds like everyone comes out the winner :)

Janelle Renee said...

Is "book light" a secret code for vibrator?

Frog said...

This is my favorite one:

"I would lie if I told the truth"

Calzone said...

I so love black jack. I won like a grand on a boat in Indiana in the spring. Then I spent it all on vicodin and foot rubs.

Monkey said...

This sounds like the best game of Blackjack ever! I wonder what sorts of quotes would come out of playing Monopoly?

I like this one because it is so open to interpretation:

"How many of those do you have in your mouth?"