October 30, 2005

A Perfect Fall Day

Today was the best day. DS woke me at 7am with coffee and raisin oatmeal. We spent the better part of the day at Devil's Lake with some friends, hiking and climbing. The trees were perfect, the weather was perfect, and the people were perfect. It's not everyday you meet someone who has lived at Taliesin and wants to take you there. As I've mentioned before, going there will be a dream come true.

But the lake is tomorrow's post. We came home and got ourselves showered and dressed for company. I decided this year to throw my own pumpkin carving party. This was an annual tradition with my circle of friends back home in Kentucky. However, it did not go as planned. Apparently Halloween in Madison is scary, as crazy, drunk college students riot and break shit downtown dressed in poorly imagined costumes. Almost everyone was out of town this weekend to avoid it. One person did come out, though she failed to comply with the "byop" or "bring your own pumpkin" rule. She helped DS carve his instead. Because I'm tired from staying up all night laughing with Mo, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Look at that amazing focus as they double team it.

My sweet sweet balcony, all spooked out.
My pumpkin: The Cheat
DS and Katie's pumpkin, and by far the coolest pumpkin ever: Trogdor, The Burninator!!!
Though unfortunately majesty free, since they wussed out.

Note: Pumpkins were carved from stencils found at H*R.

Also, please beware: In the event that you feel you can take apart your digital camera and fix your lens, which is no longer retracting, do not touch the flash capacitor, as it will shock the shit out of you even sans batteries, and leave you hurting for hours. And also mess up your sense of taste.


Monica said...

LOVE the pumpkins!!

And you are a dangerous woman.

Harry Yak said...

capacitors are bad. well they shouldn't be touched, this is way if anything happens to your power supply in your computer just by a new one.

the pumpkins are cool. i don't remember danius or bobi or myself getting an invite to the party though. i'm sure we would have come. i'm not saying, i'm just saying.

Spinning Girl said...

Wow, those pumpkins look awesome! You throw the best parties.

Sleep Goblin said...

Mr. Yak: If I had really thought you three would have driven up to 5 hours just to carve pumpkins with me, I would have invited you.

SpG: Too bad the rest of my friends don't think so. You know, the ones that didn't come. Bastards!

Monica said...

DANG! Good job on the revamp!

Spinning Girl said...

ooh, I am loving the template!

Rowan said...

not to be retarded, but I couldn't tell what the first pumpkin is supposed to be. That's probably just me tho' so don't go thinking you didn't do a great job or anything. Don'tcha hate it when your great ideas turn to shit?

Sleep Goblin said...

He's The Cheat, from www.homestarrunner.com

tolbs said...

Trogdor is missing the consumate v's!