October 26, 2005

I'm Back!

Geez people! I haven't even been away two full days, and already I'm getting comments wondering where I've disappeared to. Well, I'll tell you. I've been working. And also last night, DS and I decided to make our own Halloween decorations. Can you tell which two are his, and which two are mine? Brownie points to the winner!


Monica said...

wow, that is hard. I know he has mad art skills, but I dont know about yours.

So, I guess

Sleep-Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin and Ghost
DS-Goblin pumpkin and Ghost

(we just miss ya is all. I am glad you are having an enjoyable offline life)

Monica said...


DS-Goblin pumpkin and BAT


Sleep Goblin said...

I can't say what's wrong, because I want other people to guess too. I'll just say nope!

Moral Turpitude said...

Hard to say. I didn't know DS was so talented.

Spinning Girl said...

You did the bat and the ghost.

I win!

Sleep Goblin said...

Nope! Come on people!

B.O.B.I. said...

Well the Goblin Punkin is so obviously DS. The other guesses haven't been right so far, so DS must have done the Fearsome Pumpkin O Doomy Doom.

That leaves the Irate Spectre and Vatty the Bamp to Sleep Goblin!

Does I wins?

Spinning Girl said...

You did the yellow-eyed pumpkin, and the bat.

I win!

kimberlina said...

hm. maybe i need to browse the archives to get some hints. on a total guess: you did the sleep goblin pumpkin & the ghost.

or...... the two pumpkins?

or....... the bat and the ghost?

or maybe the goblin pumpkin and the ghost?

i can keep going, you know. ;)

but i think you did the ghost. yea. the ghost.

Sleep Goblin said...

Spinning Girl WINS! Though it was her second try.

Bobi, you guessed the same thing Spinning Girl did on her first try, which I clearly said was wrong... Shame!

Kimberlina, no cheating!

And for clarity sake, and my ego, I AM THE ARTIST!! ME, not DS! Man.. I know I have pictures of my paintings in "SG's Pics" over there in my sidebar. Though Bobi is right, the goblin pumpkin is unmistakably the work of DS. For reference, somewhere a long time a go (too lazy to look it up) I wrote all about how he invented it.