October 22, 2005

Fall at Governor Dodge

Yesterday, DS and I went to Governor Dodge State Park for some hiking and tree watching. The fall leaves are right at their peak here in southern Wisconsin at the moment. We wanted to take advantage of the great views while we could.

Small creek waterfall.

Warning signs found along the paths.
Cool lake with trees reflecting.Different lake. Scary purple cess pool lake.

I like to take pictures of mushrooms.

I took more pictures, but I'm tired of uploading them and moving them around. Plus, blogger is being stupid tonight.


Monica said...

awesome pictures.

Madge said...

I love days like this. They are hard to come by in Florida.

kimberlina said...

oh, SO beautiful. they are hard to come by in florida. sometimes i see the leaves change colors in books and movies!


after wilma, the weather's supposed to be getting nice... i do hope, i do.

Madge said...

Yes! The big chill is coming. I am more than prepared.

Sleep, you can have your blog back now.

Spinning Girl said...

very pretty.

BEWARE the wild parsnip!!!

Rowan said...

I too love the look of mushrooms/fungi...wow, I can never get blogger to accept more than 2 photos from me. Maybe they are too large in size? or maybe it's cause I write a lot to go along withe the photos?