February 11, 2006


You Are Speed Skating

You're motivated, aggressive, and willing to work hard to win.

You have what it takes to be hell on skates!

Woo-HOO!! I have actually been thinking for a while that I would like to get into speed skating. This is a direct result of my recent ice skating experience, where I found a sign that announced I was skating on the official Wisconsin Olympic Speed-Skating track. Apparently, this state is known for spitting out speed skaters. We have a lot of medals.

And so I got to thinking.. I can skate in an oval. At least, I stand a much better chance of doing that than my other dream of being an Olympic Figure Skater.

So if any of you trainers out there want to be my personal coach, I'd be happy to pay you with big smiles, a little flirty, maybe some brownies, and recognition when I win my gold medal 4 years from now.

For those of you in suspense, DS found me not too long after I posted that. But it was also minutes before I went to work, and I didn't have time to update. Turns out he just went home from work (as it was 6pm there), stopped to get groceries, and then came to see if I were up yet. I have requested that he leave me a note next time so I don't think he's dead.

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