February 12, 2006

Kicking butt!

BAM! Take that climbing wall!!

So Thursday, I had an amazing day at the climbing gym. I didn't talk about it because, well, most of you guys have no idea what I'm talking about, and that's no fun. But let me elucidate. I'm sure I've mentioned that climbing has ranks of hardness. Most people start around 5.6 or 5.7, which is not much harder than climbing a ladder. Once you reach 5.10, there are degrees within, like 10a, through 10d. Similar steps happen the harder you go, and I think the hardest is what? 5.15? You'd have to ask DS. You can finish a climb, and you can "clean" a climb, which means you make it to the top without falling.

Thursday, I managed to clean every climb I'd been having trouble with. This is a great accomplishment! DS, trying to give me perspective, warned me that he will have amazing days as well, only to not be so hot the next time he goes. I went to today prepared to be my average self.

I was wrong!

Today, I finished a 5.11!!!! And really, there was only one hold on the whole thing that gave me trouble, after that, easy street!

So with mucho gusto, I say, TAKE THAT CLIMBING WALL!!

(*DS - Here is yet another reason why you need to come.. I can't even call you to tell you)

Oh, and pleasant surprise! I forgot to watch Charmed two weeks in a row, only to tune in today and discover it hadn't been on. Hoorah!


Dragonslayer said...

Good God, you finished a 5.11???? That's just not fair. It took me like a year to do that. Man I can't wait to get home and climb w/ you again!

Dragonslayer said...

Oh, and yes 5.15 is the hardest grade right now. I read somewhere that there's an unconfirmed 270ft long 5.15c in like Brazil or someplace crazy.

Bee said...

So you guys are like...athletic and stuff? Sweet. I think I lettered in Laziness.

I have decided you rock, and must therefore be added to my linkage.


Sleep Goblin said...


uph_man said...

Way to go!