February 01, 2006

My Trip

So, a lot of people have been asking about my upcoming trip to France. For starters, he's staying in Lyon, where he's doing much the same thing he would have done here, except he's "building a relationship" with the university there. His advisor wants to set up a collaboration with them. DS is the guinea pig.

*Side Note: I just told the computer to "learn" DS as a word, so it will stop telling me it's spelled wrong. I find that quite funny.

Anyway, we originally intended to spend the weekend in Paris. However, there are some major problems with this plan, the most significant being money. The train tickets from Lyon to Paris, pretty much from one side of the country to the other, are much more expensive than we originally realized. The extra money we thought we'd be saving by having him there (less gas, that sort of thing) isn't really panning out due to my recent pay drop from getting health insurance (worth it no doubt). Not to mention that once we'd get there, we'd need somewhere to stay.

Now, that's not to say that we're definitely not going. Just that it doesn't look like it right now. I would love to, but I think I'll live if we don't make it. After all, I'm still a poor almost-student, who is still paying off loans and looking for a career, as opposed to a job. He's not even done with school yet. We both plan to be world travellers once we get this school stuff behind us. So not going now isn't a life sentence, and I know that.

I do have money saved up for my time in Lyon, so we'll at least be able to see the sights. I'm just not sure it'll be enough for this cross-country trip. Though who knows, maybe one of our mothers will help us out. I'm certainly not above begging ;)

Remember when I alluded to hurting myself when I went ice skating? Well, to be more specific, new ice skates are stiff leather boots. Once broken in, they'll bend just enough at the ankle to move with you, but protect you. Brand new, they cut into your skin. Had I researched the best way to break in skates before actually skating, I might have known it's not recommended to lace them up all the way while the leather is softening. But of course, I didn't do this, and now have a 2 inch long indention on my ankle. I thought it was way cool at first, like a battle wound (I'm a romantic, what can I say). However, now, it just iches, and hurts when the skin stretches.

Lesson? 1) Read about things you're not used to, like professional ice skates, before jumping on the ice. 2) Use the Neosporin and lotion you carry around everywhere, you fool! Jeez!


Calzone said...

What???? This is so wrong..we could like move all his stuff out of the house and everything while he is gone.

kimberlina said...

sleep! i stayed in a pretty cute hostel when i was in paris. i'll try and look it up this weekend. it's where i first got drunk! an entire bottle of wine. i passed out with one sock on (don't worry, i had other clothes on as well!).

i'll check it out - maybe it's cheap?