February 20, 2006

Planned Wedding? Check!

DS and I like to talk about a lot of things. Today, we discussed our ideal wedding. (Note, this is not an announcement of an engagement, as there is none.)

So here you go, a list of what we decided:

1. Not too formal, or stuffy.
2. Pretty
3. Good photographer, since we won't remember much without it
4. Open bar
5. Dancing

Ta DA!

As DS says, "Well then, our wedding is officially planned!"

And you women act like this takes time...


B.O.B.I. said...

I like that a woman just said, "You women."

That's hilarious.

Sounds nice! I think Bethie and I thought along the same lines. Except for the lavish spread and costly entertainment and mounds of presents.

But otherwise, similar.

Dragonslayer said...

That's a good point he brings up...

I suggest an addendum!
6. Mounds of presents

kimberlina said...

anthony and i thought it would be awesome if during the first dance, we started some super cheese love song. like, seriously gag inducing. then you'd hear that record skritz noise and then... DA DAAAA... DA DAAAA... thriller would start to play and all the wedding party would come up and we'd start dancing in sync.

i could just see jaws drop. i chuckle.

The Tart said...

Dance til you drop.
BTW...may I suggest, DJ with many many different types of music.

Last wedding I was at was so much fun, we danced to so many different songs.
Grandpa to the groom, joined me in a twist and shout to Chubby Checkers!!!

The Tart

PS found you via WillieB

Rrramone said...

Remember, it's the marriage, not the wedding, that counts. :-)

Last marriage advice I give, promise.

Spinning Girl said...

Now that sounds nice. Mine?: beach party, pig roast, v-ball, kegs, champagne on beach...whole bridal patry in levi's & white shirts. And you are invited!
Now I just need a bloke ...

FRITZ said...


That's how MY 'wedding planning' started.
Now, I've got the destination wedding of my dreams and
a bouquet to pick out
a restuarant to reserve
hotel rooms to book
a violinist
two wedding coordinators
a long, long list of excuses for not getting things done.

Oh, hell.

miss kendra said...

that sounds good to me.

food preferences?