February 23, 2006

Hello Embossing Gun!

The first ever Sleep Goblin Craft Night was a huge success!!

I only had one turnout, but just talking about it has aroused the interest of several others. Tonights theme? Making cards. My friend, we KT1, brought her embossing tools, which I had never experienced before.


That's probably the next thing I'll buy when I have money again.

Here's what I came up with. They're still works in progress, but I hope to get them to selling status!

The ants and sand are clear embossed, and the quote is gold embossed with a quilled sun.

Stamped leaves with clear embossed dragonflies and swirls.


Ms. Adventures said...

EW!! YIPPEE! I get to comment first!!

Those are fantastic! Especially since you hadn't worked with those tools before. I love crafty things like that, however I don't have much time to do them :(

kimberlina said...

embossing guns are way too much fun. and embossing powder?!

my head goes crazy thinking of all the fun stuff you can do with them!

Monica said...

those are awesome

Spinning Girl said...

I am a huge fan of the heat gun.

And there shall be much embossing! *yea

wait...that IS monty python, isn't it?

SG confusi.

Rrramone said...

I guess I wasn't invited. Sniff.

Of course I do live in another state. :-)