February 21, 2006

Come on Wednesday!

I'm going to FRANCE!!

I finally found a website that isn't worthless in regards to seeing things in Lyon.


I encourage you all to check it out, and then help me decide what to do.

I keep having the urge to pack, but I have to tell myself, "not yet!" Ahh! And then I wonder, what should I pack?? Will we snowboard, or climb, or go dancing??? I have no idea!!


kimberlina said...

so wait, you leave on wednesday? or next wednesday?

::duly checks out website & will return with suggestions::

Sleep Goblin said...

*ahem* EDIT: "Come on a week from Wednesday!"

Bee said...


Bring me back some cheese!

kimberlina said...

i don't know about the museums or not, but you simply MUST have a picnic at those gardens.

wait, what's the temp there? let me check.

hm. highs of 47.

... i say still do it. dress warm and sit in the sun. keep it short, but picnics overseas are the BEST. i love them. *sigh*