February 19, 2006


This weekend was not my favorite weekend of all time.

Because our store closed on Thursday, I made myself forego my weekend off and went to work yesterday. It was a sad day, but I just can't afford to miss a day of work when I'm about to go to France.

I slept in today. Then I went climbing, which was cool. I missed it on Thursday, since DS forbid me to leave the house. Well, that's not really why I didn't go. No one else wanted to leave the house, and it's hard to climb by yourself, unless you boulder, which sucks. But sadly, I couldn't finish my 5.11 today. I didn't climb bad though, but I really wanted that 11.

I went to the Glass Nickel, a totally awesome pizza place. I was too poor to really enjoy it. And.. I missed my one and only tv show in the process. I would have taped it, but going out wasn't planned, just suggested in the course of the evening.

So basically, this is what I'm saying. My weekend off is over, and I basically did nothing. *sigh* I miss DS.

I did finally put something up in my store though, just a simple good luck card. And I found a crafting partner, so that's cool.

Let's be more positive, shall we? I'll be in France a week from Wednesday!


B.O.B.I. said...

Hey, Sleepy, have a GREAT TIME in France!
I'm so excited for you!

Oh, yeah, I had never tried sushi or IHOP breakfasts. Why? I dunno. Never got around to it. Where I grew up they were really foreign concepts and I didn't even know what what an IHOP was until someone "spelled" it out last year. Yeah, I'd see a commercial at my Grandma's house (she lived closer to the Cities) or in Chicago, but I always thought IHOP was the whole name. I always thought, "What a fucking weird name. Why not IJUMP? Or ISKIP? Or something..."

Rambling now. Trying to not think of Beth flying away from me. I should stop.

Ms. Adventures said...


Anyway, I don't know you yet but I see you everywhere I go, so......

France! HOW COOL! I'm sure it will be fun. I went to school with several foreign exchange students from France and apparently it's the shiz-nit. Though everyone thinks their country is the best.

I've always been interested in climbing. It looks kinda hard though.

For the record I did practically nothing this weekend too, and I really should have done something. I had a report to work on. :shrug:

kimberlina said...

you are going to have the most kicking assest time. i'm so excited for you that i break all sorts of grammatical rules. pleases, pleases, can i stow away in your suitcase? oh, and anthony too, and our cats.