February 17, 2006

Wow that's cold!

I knew it was coming, but I'm still surprised. Our high today was 18 degrees, which hit at midnight. You heard right. The temperature has been falling since midnight, and will hit a low of -12 tonight, with a windchill of -30.


For me, this means that the car got mad at me when I tried to start it after work. It also means that literally minutes after my heat goes off, the temperature in the apartment drops back below the setting.

For Wisconsin? They're doing some fundraiser tomorrow called the Polar Plunge. You guessed it. These crazy northerners are jumping in Lake Monona tomorrow.

M.T.: Remember that car that I watched die yesterday? They're trying to jump it right now. It's not really working. I'm guessing you were right about the cold making it worse.


uph_man said...

-30!!? That's insane. If you haven't already, grab your electric blanket and a big cup of hot chocolate. This will have to do till your "snuggle buddy" comes home.

Moral Turpitude said...

I was watching a design show and a woman was saying how she loved her heated bathroom floor because it just gets so cold in San Francisco. I wanted to set the tv outside and see how she liked THAT!

But as I was carrying the tv outside it went to commercial so I took it back in. Plus I had forgotten my slippers.

SleepGobs...that girl is probably hating Wisconsin right now.

Janelle Renee said...

It's been cold this week for us in the Bay Area, too--relatively speaking, of course. I had to wear a jacket on my morning walk. 40 degrees. Brrr.

I hope MT doesn't put her computer outside because of this comment.

Spinning Girl said...

I so want spring.

kimberlina said...

um. 30? negative? ... 30?

i do not comprehend. i cannot compute.



::brain fritz::