January 21, 2006

Snow Daisies

I bought some daisies at the grocery the other day. It was like the 2nd day DS was gone, and I thought some flowers would cheer me up. The vase is by Anthony deVito, and I bought them when I bought my red mugs.

In other news, it snowed today. I haven't been keeping up with the forecast lately, so it was a complete surprise. I was starting to think that winter was over for the most part. So you can be sure I was pleasantly surprised when large flakes started falling around 3pm. They fell all evening, and now the world is once again blanketed in a calm, comforting white. I love the quiet of snow. I just wish DS were here to enjoy it with me. It's too warm for snow in Lyon.


Spinning Girl said...

Pretties all around.

B.O.B.I. said...

Awww, Sleepy... but hey, France in March! Great! I'll start pondering the question, ok? It's starting to look like a busy couple of months for me, but I'll get there and we'll play us some games!

::huggles huggles huggles::

pestle said...

i could turn those daisies into potpourri