January 29, 2006

I love Target

I decided today that I need new socks, and set out for Target to aquire some. Generally, I tried to avoid Target. This is not because I don't like it, but precisely the opposite: I like it too much. In fact, I love Target. The things they carry come in the most wonderful colors God has invented, and it all has such nice lines. They're a very modern store.

My plan to run in, get socks, and run out was foiled immediantly upon entry. The words CLEARANCE shot out at me, drawing me into the store. Naturally, I decided to make a quick roundabout. This too was ruined as I reached the rear of the store, their seasonal section. It is apparently "Global Bazaar" time there, something I have never seen. Rows and rows of home decor organized by the country in which it was made. India, Thailand, Latin America... It was beautiful. It is lucky I am so broke, or I'm sure I would have walked out of there with several hundred dollars worth of stuff.

I managed to run for a full 20 minutes today, which is quite a feat for me. I'm not sure what got into me, if it was running with someone else, or the fact that it was an elliptical instead of a treadmill. Though, the elliptical has never helped that much before. Maybe the cold has helped my allergy problem and therefore also my asthma? I don't know, but I feel good. I'm also about to eat some sausage pizza, which is something I'm finally admitting I like. I still like plain cheese the best, but every now and again, I can make room for a thin crust sausage. I blame my brother.


Monkey said...

The word "clearance" should be considered a dirty word.

Spinning Girl said...

ooh, you and your vices. delicious.

kimberlina said...

those little red signs!! i am delirious just thinking of them! i completely understand your target obsession.