January 09, 2006

An Unexpected Trip

I hadn't planned to go to Chicago until next weekend, but things don't always go as we plan.

DS's flight out of Columbia was delayed long enough that he missed his flight out of Chicago. It was actually quite impressive, considering how long his layover was supposed to be in Chicago. With me missing him so much, and us not really having the spare money to put him in a hotel for the night, I drove to Chicago to pick him up.

I think it's really cool that Chicago, a city I have been in love with since 5th grade, is now only 2 hours away from me. I think it's really uncool that I passed 5 tollbooths to get there, one way, and spent 9 dollars in quarters.

I do wish it had been daylight so I could have admired the scenery, but I guess I can do that next weekend.

After the airport, we were both hungry and in the mood for coffee. I had my first "Oasis" experience. Here you can see me playing with my camera as we looked over the interstate. The Starbucks is there behind me. We argued over whether coffee is better black, or as a white chocolate mocha with raspberry syrup. We agreed to disagree.

DS has made a game out of avoiding my camera. Hence, pictures like these. But I've decided that I like this one. You can still see a merry twinkle in his eyes at the thought of foiling me once again.

And finally, for Spinning Girl. Because I know how much she loves them. Starbucks was having a sale. And yes, that's a teddy bear holding a teddy bear...

All is well now that I have him back. At least for a week.


DS said...

We didn't agree to disagree, we agreed that you're wrong about raspberry-white-chocosomething-something being any good.

Monica said...

yay for unplanned road trips! Glad DS is home safe.

Spinning Girl said...

Äääääääääääääää! Issand jumal miks kuradi pärast ma pean neid aina nägema?!?!?!?!?

Sorry, I lapse into my native tongue when upset.

You rock.

Must go pray to exorcise demons.

kimberlina said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... chocolate mocha with raspberry syrup! sounds divine!

i like my coffee candied.

well, it's *too* sweet, the hairs on my neck go wacky, so one must have a quick hand with the syrup action. mmm... raspberry syrup....

Monkey said...

You and DS are so much cuter than that damn teddy bear. Please don't allow GUND to market you and stuff you into kitty cat costumes.

Calzone said...

I'll miss you

Veronica said...