January 06, 2006

Loose Ends

There are several things I have been meaning to do, and I've spent some time doing them.

1: DS and I finally filed to be Domestic Partners, according to the rules of his university, so that I may receive some of his benefits.

2: One of these was a library card, which I now have. You know, in case I ever decide to write my thesis.

3: The other was a membership to the school gyms. In case Katie 1 (DS's friend, as opposed to Katie 2, my friend from work) decides to hold up her end of the bargain and keep me occupied while DS is away.

4: I thought it was about time that I got a current driver's license.

5: Monkey once asked me about the army of Santa's in my kitchen. It's a tic tac toe game, Santa's vs. Snowmen. DS and I have mini tournaments when we were cooking. Well, we did. Now it's packed away with the Christmas decorations.

6: Janelle asked me about the apples and mugs. The mugs are a collection of pottery that I have bought from local artisans. Most universities with an art department will have an annual pottery sale, where the students can sell the things they've made. I love these sales. I have a set of blue and cream mugs, a mug and bowl set, and my newest additions are those little red bowls. Or teacups. Really, they could go either way. As the guy who sold them to me said, they're great for tea or ice cream. And it's true, I've tried both.

Putting the apples in them was a whim before the Christmas party. I didn't want them spread all over the counter because I knew we'd have a lot of food out.


Monica said...

Even your DRIVERs license makes you look pretty.....I don't think you ever look bad..never.

kimberlina said...

congrats on your domestic partnership!!!

Rrramone said...

So what is your thesis about??