January 18, 2006

Chicago, Day 2: The Lincoln Park Zoo

On Sunday, DS and I continued our quest of visiting all the zoos in America. This time, it was the Lincoln Park Zoo. Both of us have been there in the past, but we hadn't been as part of our quest. Or together for that matter. As I've said before, the winter is the best time to visit the zoo. No crowds, and the animals are actually active. Plus, you see Zoo Babies!!

DS thought these guys looked like little old men. He loved them.
I got kissed by a hippo.

These monkeys were quite friskey. In fact, that black one peed on the glass after this was taken.

Lions are so precious. I want one.

These were my favorite. There were baby gorillas, and this one was the youngest. The mother wouldn't even let anyone else near it yet, and this poor gorilla in the foreground really wanted to play. He inch up to her, and she'd carry the little baby off. They were all so cute.

And this was DS's favorite. The bear on the right had been hiding from the bear on the left. When the bear on the left got close, the bear on the right jumped out and attacked! A bear fight ensued, and there were many oohs and ahhs.

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Janelle Renee said...

Wonderful pictures!

I wish I had a gorilla mommy.