January 13, 2006

Goodbye Party

Tonight, a bunch of us gathered at the climbing gym, as per usual for a Thursday night. After hours, the PBR was opened, and the party commenced.

Apparently, this dude James is "leaving" for Arizona and wanted a send off. He's only leaving for 17 days, but he thinks this is a good enough reason. Our crew made sure to gather as well, as it was DS's last night in the gym until he gets back from France.

I was introduced to the art of finger fencing. There were some rope swinging competitions (which I'm sure Monkey would have won). Pizza was ordered from the best pizza parlour in town. YUMMY! I even had some good down home bourbon from Kentucky slipped into my Coke.

Though I'm still very sad that he's leaving, gathering with friends helps a lot. It always helps that we're making all kinds of cool plans for the interim. It's good to have friends.


Monica said...

Finger fencing??Do tell??

Glad you had a good night.

Rrramone said...

It's SO good to have friends. Things will be ok. :-)

Bill the Apostle said...

finger whating?? sounds like a sin to me

Monkey said...

Embarrassingly enough... I'm not a very good rope swinger. In fact, I'm quite bad. I fall off a lot!

Sounds like a good party though. Big Hugs for DS on his departure. Hugs for you too! To take your mind off his leaving... we place our After Holiday Order for 3 penguin ornaments. :)

We're selfish that way.

Calzone said...

I'll see you tomorrow