January 19, 2006

No Pillow Fight

There were many attempts last night to get a picture of the three of us (from left to right, me, KT and L). Basically, we laughed the whole time, while D, KT's husband, kept shooting. By this point, our cheeks were hurting. And do you see those pajamas I'm wearing? The penguin pajamas. They made fun of me relentlessly all night for those. I was in shock!

So basically, the night went like this (for those of you living vicariously): KT and I had to close the store, so we got a late start. We stopped by the liquor store for some tequila and Spotted Cow, and then headed back to KT's house. Beer was passed around, the pool table was opened. KT and I kicked pool butt both games. I love winning pool. L and I looked through KT's wedding pictures, which made us both jealous. Though L is at least engaged, so she can actually say that she'll be married sometime soon.

After this, I made my famous popcorn (the only food I'll willingly and consistantly cook on the stove). Margaritas were made, and the talking on the couch commenced. We had intended to watch a movie, hence the popcorn, but once D went to bed and we realized it was 1ish, we nixed it. KT and I had to open the store the next day. So L and I snuggled into the guest bed, and tried to fall asleep. I always have trouble sleeping in strange places. About 4 hours later, I had to get up for work.

So, in summary, last night was great fun, even though there was no hair braiding, or make overs, or movie watching. This morning came way too early, and even with 4 ibuprofen, a headache threatened on the horizon all day. I deservedworse really, so I'm not complaining.

Tonight, I rented The Company, and A Wedding Date; movies I'm sure DS would never rent with me. I actually expected A Wedding Date to be bad, but I wanted a girly movie. It surprised me really. I mean, not award winning great by any means, but I should have seen it sooner. The Company was awesome! A large part of it was filmed at The Auditorium in Chicago, where I have been and loved. Plus, it was about ballet, and I love moves about dance.

View of the Auditorium, 2004

On the way home from getting these movies, I passed a house decorated for Valentine's Day. Half the block still hasn't gotten around to taking down their Christmas stuff, and here's this house fully decked out for a holiday only elementary schools decorate for. I was shocked. Luckily, I've been keeping my camera on me, so you can be shocked too!

In a window around the corner, there were red glass hearts hanging all over. I still can't believe it.

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Janelle Renee said...

There were boys at the slumber party? The cardinal slumber party rule was broken!