December 22, 2005

3 Days until Christmas

DS got me this for Christmas; some things I'd been wanting from REI.

While these have had me squealing since yesterday (and drinking a lot of water as well), my real present will be a weekend stay at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, along with tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We're not going until the weekend before he leaves for France. Which means I'm both terribly excited, and terribly.. nervous I guess. I know I'll be sad because I dwell. Though I'm going to try hard to be happy at least for the weekend.

In the morning, we leave for Kentucky. I won't be home until late on the 26th. There might be a day or two lag in my posts after Christmas, after which I'll come back with a surprise!


Harry Yak said...

love the drake. hate the drake. seinfeld anybody?

Monkey said...

Who are all those cute little Santas in the background?? They are forming an army. An army I tell you!

Great hat.

Calzone said...

Have fun and all that

Monica said...

Be safe and have a good time!

Janelle Renee said...

Do tell us about the apples and mugs in the picture.

Have a wonderful time in Kentucky and Chicago!

Rrramone said...

Hmmmm, I wonder what the surprise could be???