January 22, 2006

DS is blogging

Because I know that if you did read him, you quit, I'm officially announcing that DS has started blogging again. He felt like starting afresh, and erased everything. Now he's attempting to keep a promise to update everyday while in France. So far, so good. His pictures rock!

Also, we did some background research on this "Zoo Quest" we have. According to Wikipedia, which is our source for all useful information, there are 75 zoos in the US. We have been to 4 together, leaving us 71 to go. I'm working on making a map, so you can play along at home. Or really, just for me, because you probably don't care quite so much :)


kimberlina said...

well, poop.

i don't think there's a zoo in tampa. but we do have a big cats rescue. you can feed big cats!

Sleep Goblin said...

!!! Can I pet them??

Rrramone said...

Did I mention that you shouldn't title a post about cooking something, then begin the post with the words The Zoo??