January 08, 2006

A Strange Day

I woke up late today, and stayed in bed to read my new book, Wicked. I really like it.

DS called, and he felt very far away, even though he's coming home today.

I've spent the day messing around online. I ran across the website of the band of some old friends, The Jimmy Carter Experience. Which led me to their "MySpace" site, which led me to lots of other sites. Those pages have their "friends" at the bottom, and I just kept going from old friend to old friend. A string of people I no longer talk to. They all seem very weird and distant. I guess I should expect that when I have seen most of them since high school.

I feel like I'm at some kind of impasse. It's scary.


kimberlina said...

hey, i've read that book! it's quite good. don't know how i feel about the musical yet, though. seems kinda cheesy. but i guess that's the nature of musicals, eh?

and hey! i have a myspace account! it's totally the "in" thing to do!

Calzone said...

We are still friends baby

Anonymous said...

Haha! I was just asking Kel last night if we were the only ones on Earth that we knew who didn't have a myspace account...I like to think that makes us special. ;o)

Monica said...

My mother insists I should read "Wicked". Lemme know if she is right?