December 10, 2005

15 Days until Christmas

It's snowing for about the fourth time in less than two weeks. It has yet to be warm enough for it to melt, but the roads have been plowed often enough that driving isn't really a problem. Which means we also have some snow mountains in our parking lot. This makes me happy to have underground parking. No snow shoveling/scraping means I enjoy all this wintery bliss!

Of course, this makes my snowman happy too.


Janelle Renee said...

OK. This count down has got to stop! I feel a day older, and Christmas is getting closer everytime I read your blog!


Harry Yak said...

your snowman is "happy"? is this why you took the picture from behind because you didn't want us to see how "happy" he is? just a little bit of advice i have learned from watching cialis commercials on tv. if your snowman is "happy" for over 4 hours you better get him to the doctor.

Spinning Girl said...

Wow, it looks just like Connecticut!