December 16, 2005

10 Days until Christmas

Well you guys. I'm tired. I've worked all week with a nasty head cold. It was mostly gone today, so I mustered up the strength to go climbing, since I missed out on Monday. I was rewarded with my first "flapper."* It doesn't hurt too bad right now, but I think that's because the skin grafted itself to the band-aid. I'm afraid to take it off.

Tomorrow is the big day that I go to the post office. I got paid today, so I can afford to pay all the shipping costs until I receive/cash/transfer all of your payments into my bank account. I'm also sending out my Christmas cards tomorrow, which DS got to pick out.
* I'm putting the explanation down here, in case some of you are the squeamish type. A "flapper" is when your skin detaches, but not all the way. So it "flaps" if you will. Except, your skin isn't ready for peeling yet, so it leaves the tender stuff exposed underneath. No blood really, but it burns like the dickens.


Harry Yak said...

i'm glad you explained the "flapper" because i thought that it was a peice of poo that sticks and....well i think you get the picture.

kimberlina said...

um. OUCH.