December 04, 2005

21 Days until Christmas

The stockings my mom made for us arrived on Saturday. There's nothing like homemade stockings hanging from your fireplace. Thanks Momma!

Note: Actual names have been removed to protect the innocent.


Monica said...

Get REAL! There is nobody innocent in that house...HA!

kimberlina said...

they are so cuuuute!

B.O.B.I. said...

Mmmm, nothing like the feel of stockings hanging on the fireplace...


I wish I had a fireplace for my stocking... as it stands, I have to hang it on my... well.

And yeah, you can hug me 'cuz I'm handsome! You can hug me for any reason!


FRITZ said...

How cute! And what a nice mantel! And do I get an ornament?

Just Kidding. I wouldn't presume...especially since my ass hasn't even gotten a tree, yet.

Rrramone said...

Oh poo. I bet your real name is Elvira. ;-)