February 25, 2012

True Love is Special

Reason #227 that DS loves me but shouldn't:

Walking home from the climbing gym in 45 mph gusts I exclaimed "This wind BLOWS!" without meaning to pun. Then busted out laughing for the next block at my unintended brilliance.

In other news, I have spaghetti noodle arms from climbing today. Perhaps I was not fully recovered from those 5.8's and 5.9's I was struggling up on Wednesday. I tried to take it easy and stick to 5.6's today, with a 5.7 thrown in for a high point, and yet I still think my arms will be useless tomorrow.

The husband is going to Boston tomorrow. This is a short trip, after which we have a couple days at home and then we're off to Salt Lake City to visit not one, but two distinct groups of friends from different parts of the US who just happen to be converging there at the same time. Some of these people we haven't seen in a year or more. It's going to be excellent even if I still suck at snowboarding.

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